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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Looking for employment? Try 18 Californians unique idea of billboard advertising for work

Eighteen San Francisco, CA residents
came up with a unique marketing idea
on how to seek employment, advertise
for work.
Eighteen unemployed Californians are engaging in a unique way to look for a new employment opportunity. The group of job seekers pooled their limited financial resources together, advertising themselves on billboards throughout the San Francisco area's public transit system.

In a bold and frank statement, the advertisement states, "Let's face it. We All Need Jobs!"

The leader of the group, Howard Friedenberg, noted that he came up with the idea for a campaign after seeing what he considered a badly-designed billboard for a lawyer or real estate agent. After being laid-off from his employer as a computer communications specialist in November 2009, Friedenberg a 99er, believed he could do better with his job search. 

Next, Friedenberg embarked on a unique idea where he recruited acquaintances he made while networking with other unemployed people. He said each of the 18 contributed $150 to cover the costs of ads and a website, which features pictures and background stories on each of the employment seekers.
"We are a small group of self-promoting individuals looking for jobs," the billboards explain. "Although we are talented, experienced professionals, getting attention of Bay Area employers hasn't been easy. So here we are, on a poster.”
Friedenberg’s initial goal was to receive media attention, and it has worked. Since the billboards went up in February, pretty much every TV station the area has run a story. Two of the candidates have found work since its inception, according to the site. So far, the group has paid for another eight weeks of ad space.

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