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Sunday, March 6, 2011

We are not broke; 400 wealthiest Americans hold our money Michael Moore states (Video)

Michael Moore in 2004Image via Wikipedia
Filmmaker and Progressive Activist
Michael Moore rallies with protesters
in Madison, WI on March 5th.

UPDATE 3/6/2011 @ 3:26PM EST- Michael Moore has provided the full text of this speech to the Huffington Post blog. Review the entire text of the speech at this link.

Documentary filmmaker, native Michigander and progressive activist Michael Moore visit the Madison, Wisconsin protesters on March 5, 2011. It is estimated that 50,000 Wisconsinites came out to protest Gov. Scott Walker (R) budget proposal to take away collective bargaining rights from the state, local and county workers.

The protests have been taking place at the capital building in Madison, WI for over 14 days. Another 14 Democratic state legislators taken resident in neighboring state Illinois to avoid voting on the bill.

Conservative lending poller Rasmussen cites 57% of Wisconsin respondents disapproves of Walker's job performance -- including 48% who say they strongly disapprove. Meanwhile, only 43% said they approve of the job Walker is doing.

To make the situation worse for Governor Walker, a majority of private sector union members also disapproved of the governor by a 53% to 43% margin. In addition, people with children in Wisconsin public schools overwhelming disapprove of Walker's performance with attacking public school employees bargaining rights, with 67 percent of people in that demographic disapprove of Walker, including 54% who strongly disapprove.

The Rasmussen poll surveyed 800 likely Wisconsin voters and was conducted March 2. It has a margin of error of 4.0 percent.

Moore's speech highlighted how the America worker need to continue a similar protest like those in Madison to stop the fleecing of income.
"The county is a wash of wealth and cash, it just is not in your hands. It has been transfered in the greatest heist in history from the workers and consumers to the banks and portfolio of the louver-rich", Moore stated.

View the entire video of Michael Moore's speech about how 400 wealthiest American's run the United States of America and the citizen's revolt in Wisconsin, below.

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