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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Up to 100,000 protesters against Walker bill in Wisconsin Sat., protests planned in Michigan March 12th

Photo Credit-Daily Caller Brett Hulsey
Wisconsin's Saturday protests against the bill signed
by Governor Scott Walker was estimated to have up to
100K attendees.
The day after Scott Walker's ceremonial signing of a bill stripping collective bargaining rights from thousands of Wisconsin's public employees, tens of thousands of protestors filled Madison Capitol Square Saturday, March 12th.

Losing the initial battle in the state legislature, pro-union protestors pledged to win what they described as a 'middle class war'. Their newest slogans centered around a goal of urging protesters to recall eight eligible Senate Republicans, and to vote candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Activists at nearby Carroll Street bus shelter, urging protestors to sign their senator's recall petition. “Vote for Kloppenburg” signs suddenly were a fixture of the protest landscape. Overall, the rally looked to be the biggest yet, with Madison police estimating a crowd size between 85,000-100,000.

An "Farmer Labor Tractorcade" circled the Square with farmers who led the chants of "Show me what democracy looks like!" and “Recall Walker!"

The highlight of the protest on Saturday was returning of the 14 state’s Senate Democrats from neighboring Illinois. Crowd attendees whom packed the Square and several State Street blocks greeted the returning senators, chanting: "Thank you! Thank you!" and "Welcome home!"

Similar protests are scheduled to take place in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday, March 15th, when union groups, students, citizens, seniors and the AARP are planning to show their opposition to two bills proposed by Governor Rick Snyder (R), with one already passed by the Republican controlled state House and Senate.

The first legislation allows a ‘Emergency Financial Manager’ to be appointed to any city, town, locality, county or public school board were the Governor declare a ‘financial crisis’ in an effort to structure the ‘debt’. Measures at the Governor’s disposal include appointing a individual or corporation to manage actions from dissolving any union contracts, dismantling elected officials or pulling the charter/city/county status of the area, hereby eliminating the governmental structure of the locations.

Another one of Governor Snyder’s proposals that has yet to be debated in the state legislative bodies is his fiscal budget billWithin these bills Snyder proposes a series of middle/poor class tax hikes, adding taxes to the Senior population, cutting Michigan Film Incentive which has created up to 13,000 jobs in a state with an 11.7 percent unemployment rate and more; while giving up to 1.8 billion dollars’ worth of tax breaks to state based business corporations.

A recall organizational campaign against Gov. Snyder that formed on the social media site Facebook called 'Recall Rick Snyder for Michigan' has gained over 7,400 members in within the past two weeks. For the group to have a successful recall effort against Snyder, it would take at least a minimum of 790,538 registered voters to sign petitions, within a 90 day period that could began July 1st, six months after the Governor swearing in ceremony on January 1, 2011. 

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