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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Michigan's Film Incentive Credit added over 13000 jobs, $294 in revenue spending in state

The report stated that the incentive, which started April 2008, has indeed worked to create jobs in the state's fragile economy.

According to the film office, the film related projects have created 5,310 Michigan production jobs as well as more than 8,179 hires as extras and day players.

Industry growth also has added infrastructure in the state, the report noted, with the building and openings of Raleigh Studios in Pontiac and Maxsar Studios in Livonia.

In addition, the report cited that film-industry training has expanded in Michigan, as universities, community colleges and private schools have begun to offer programs for students interested in the film industry. These actions alone add secondary jobs to the state with instructors, program coordinators and administrators to teach students in the emerging industry.

Michigan's Film Office reported that it received 119 project applications in 2010, of which 66 were approved. Seven projects that were approved in 2009 were also shot in the state in 2010. A total 58 projects were shot in Michigan last year, generating $294 million in spending. Those projects had been awarded $115 million dollars in incentives.

Eleven projects, including the $105-million "Oz," were approved in 2010 and are filming in the state in 2011. Of those projects, which were awarded $57 million in incentives, they are expected to generate $147 million worth of spending in the state and create another estimated 1,188 Michigan production jobs.

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