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Friday, March 11, 2011

Michiganders voters rights to overturn Snyder's tax hike legislation, comes down to $100

DC Voting Rights     Image by Mark Poblete via Flickr
Michigan Govenor Rick Snyder (R) plan to cut business taxes and increase taxes on individuals, including a new state tax on pensions may be unpopular with many, but it could not be repealed by voters; according to an article published on March 10th on the Detroit Free Press.

The 183-page tax overhaul bill, introduced by House Republicans, includes a $100 appropriation that makes it legally immune to a citizens’ referendum.

House Democrats stated the provision is an clear attempt to subvert the right of voters to challenge laws they don’t like. Democrats said the bill amounts to a $2.5 billion tax hike on individuals, including a new tax on pensions, and a $1.8 billion tax cut for businesses statewide.

“If you and your neighbors feel these income taxes and tax increase are too much, which I believe is true, you will have no right to get together and repeal this law,” said House Minority Leader Richard Hammel, D-Flushing.

He called it a radical and unfair restructuring of taxes that Democrats would try to repeal – if they could."

Read the entire article at the Detroit Free Press site.

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