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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Michigan Gov. Snyder's approval numbers plummet, just shy of three months in office

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Nearly three months shy into
office, Governor Snyder's (R) approval
numbers are close to former Gov.
Jennifer Granholm (D), late into her
2nd term.
(Lansing, MI)-According to a March 22nd Public Policy Poll (PPP), if the November 3rd, 2010 vote that placed embattled Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) into office happened today, Snyder would be defeated by his challenger-Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero (D). 

The poll, with surveyed 502 respondents cited that Bernero would defeat Snyder by a 47-45 percent margin.

Originally, candidate Rick Snyder defeated Virg Bernero by an 18.2 point spread, winning by 58.1 to 39.9%. Snyder's approval numbers are now slightly-worse than former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) well into her second term.  

In a December 2010 Public Policy Poll, only 34% of voters approved of Granholm’s performance, and 57% disapproved.  Snyder almost matches that, with an 33-50 spread.  

20% of his own voters and 44% of independents and more Democrats 80% disapprove, total more than self-identified Republicans approving of his performance to date 68%.

The discouraging numbers for Gov. Snyder comes on the heels of just being three months shy in office. Sworn into office on January 3, 2011, his honeymoon period quickly vanished after pushing through a highly-disputed Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) law, which the poll notes that 50% of Michiganders oppose.    

Protests against Snyder's EFM law along with his 'Shared Sacrifice' fiscal budget proposal, which would cut state shared revenue payments to local municipalities started at the Lansing, Michigan Capitol building nearly four weeks ago. Other policy issues of Governor Snyder's include raising taxes on the lower wage earners and seniors by taking away the states' Earned Income Tax Credit and adding taxes to pension plans.

Michiganders overwhelmingly approve that collective bargaining rights should be protected and maintained, with 59% agreeing that public employees should have a right to collective bargaining for wages, benefits, and working environment rules. Ironically, the PPP poll noted that only 36% were either themselves or someone in their household were union members, compared to 64% whom did not have any type of union affiliation.

With the talk of recalling the Gov. Snyder making waves on social media, with one such organizing group -Recall Governor Rick Snyder and their website Fire Rick, PPP asked if voters would support or oppose recalling Snyder from office before his term is up.

38% of respondents’ support such a move, with 49% opposed. But, an important 14% were not sure if recalling Snyder is the right action to take at this time.

Reviewing this question alone, if the 'not sure' respondents learned information on why groups supporting recall want to do so, the numbers would dangerously close for the Governor; with 52% of potential registered voters in the poll, agreeing with recalling Snyder.

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