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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan to use unproven ocean water wrapping method to stop meltdown at Fukushima plant

Photo Credit-Makitanka via Twitter
Japan Fukushima Daiichi  Nuclear Plant
explosion picture on March 12th
Update at 8:30AM EST-Yokoso News has reported via NHK-Japan News that up to four large aftershocks have occurred near Fukushima. One of the aftershocks reached the 6.0 magnitude level. Additional tsunami warnings have been issued for the area.

In addition, NHK-Japan News stated that at least three people with the area of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant have been exposed to the radiation and are being airlifted to local medical facilities for treatment.

Update at 6:53 AM EST-Yokoso News has translated a news conference from Japan's Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, which confirmed that Government will use ocean water in their attempts to stop a full meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon noted during the press conference this would be new strategy stop a full meltdown that has not been attempted before. In addition, Ki-moon was unsure at this point, what damage the ocean water could do to the nuclear reactor.

The evacuation for the area surrounding the plant has been extended from initially 10 KM to 20 KM.

This incident comes as the level of water used to cool a  nuclear reactor damaged in Friday, March 11th after 8.9-magnitude earthquake and 23 foot tsunami dropped coolant waters to the plant an alarming level, according to the  Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, heightening fears of a larger nuclear disaster.

Video of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion via RT News

Two of the best resources to learn about the on-going situation in Japan are independent channel RT News and Yokoso News Livesteam information channels.

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