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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan officials confirm at least two reactors in Fukumshima Nuclear Plant in Meltdown status

Photo Credit-Kyodo News and Tokyo Power
Electric Co.
Before and after pictures of  reactor 1 at the
Fukumshima Nuclear Plant
Update @ 12:33 PM EST-Reuters is reporting that the cooling system pump has stopped at the Tokai Nunber 2 nuclear power plant in Japan's Ibaraki prefecture, Kyodo news reported, in the wake of the massive earthquake 
that has crippled other reactors in the country.

The plant, located about 120 km (75 miles) north of Tokyo, had suffered a nuclear accident in 1999.

'Partial Meltdown' is the term that is being used by Japanese Governmental officials to describe the conditions at two reactors at the Fukumshima Nuclear Plant in the Okuma district of Futaba in Fukushima PrefectureJapan

Reach Out Job Search News Blog was one of the first to report on March 12th, of an nuclear emergency situation at reactor one at the location.

Friday, March 11th, 8.9 magnitude Earthquake, that on March 13th earthquake officials in Japan have revised their figures to state that the natural disaster reached 9.0 has been measured as the 5th largest in history. Officials at the Fukumshima Plant used a never before attempted ocean water flooding method to stop a completed meltdown of reactor one at the plant. In total, there are Fukumshima location six nuclear reactors on site.

A 20 KM (12 miles) evacuation zone near the area of the facility was declared by Japan's Governmental officials on March 12th. It is estimated that up to 200,000 have been relocated to other sites on the island state to avoid further injury from radiation after effects. Nine citizens have been treated for radiation poisoning, including one of the injured who have experienced radiation exposer to five times normal levels.    

It is unknown at this time, if the ocean water method will be used to stop a meltdown situation at the other two reactors at Fukumshima Plant.

Photo Credit-Nuke
With the growing nuclear crisis situation, along with damage from the original earthquake and 23-foot tsunumi in Japan, questions are arising if states such as California, Oregon and Washington St. in particular are properly prepared to structurally handle a similar earth natural disaster. Prior to this Earthquake in Japan was known as one of the most 'prepared' areas in terms of design of its' buildings and warning systems in the world. 

In turn, in the United States with the effort to cut funding sources to reinforce bridges and buildings standard to eliminate extreme damage in natural disaster situation, officials are warning that states are at best, ill-prepared to deal with a similar crisis in America.

The official count of the dead at this time is 763, but the government officials said the figure could far exceed 1,000. Various media reports are stating that up to 10,000 people are either missing or unaccounted for.

Video of original explosion at the Fukimshima Nuclear Plant via RT News

Two of the best resources to learn about the on-going situation in Japan are independent news stations are on RT News and Yokoso News Livesteam information channels.

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