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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Class warfare America's Workers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nation-Wide as two anti-union bills pass state Senate Houses

"Shame on you Scott Walker"Image by rochelle, et. al. via Flickr
Worker's rights to bargain and keep elected
leaders in their state have been stopped by
class warfare actions by Gov. Scott Walker
WI-R and Gov. Rick Snyder MI-R. Protests
are planned for 3/9/11.

In a sad move of complete desperation, Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Wisconsin Senate Republicans, split the controversial budget-repair bill in two on March 9th, allowing the Senate to pass the most hotly contested provisions with their 14 Democratic colleagues remained out of state.

The parliamentary maneuver allowed for the anti-collective bargaining measure to pass with just Republican support. Under Wisconsin law, a quorum of 3/5 of the Senate is needed for a statute that is fiscal in nature. A different, albeit lower quorum is needed for non-fiscal matters.

This move came down to a complete reversal by Walker and legistative Republicans, who have insisted in various near daily news conference over the past three weeks that collective bargaining provision was really designed to help alleviate the state’s budget problems. Also Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) changed his position also, what was previously said he would not attempt to pass any portions of the bill without Democrats present.

Wisconsin Democrats, including 14 legislators in neighboring state of Illinois on MSNBC's 'The Ed Show', decried the act but at this point, they are powerless to stop it. They did state during the Ed Schultz interview that the actions of Wisconsin Senate Republicans, who passed a bill in violation of the states' Open Meetings Act, would give fuel to the recall campaigns against various GOP legislators in the state.

It took the conference committee only a matter of minutes to pass the severed off measure by a four-to-two vote. Minutes later, the same bill passed through the entire Senate by an 18-1 margin. Senate Dale Schultz (R), a Republican moderate who had proposed a compromise measure, lodged the only no vote and, one of the only GOP Senators who’s job might be saved within the next two years within Wisconsin recall effort.

Justin Sargent, a staffer to Senator Chris Larson (D-Wis.) called the maneuver completely unexpected to Huffington Post. He added to his statement.

“Obviously wasn’t about any kind of financing, it was an attack on working families,” he stated.

The new procedural maneuver requires that bill now be sent back to the State Assembly for consideration since that body has passed only the full (not the severed) budget bill. According to Mary Spicuzza of the Wisconsin State Journal, the Assembly will reportedly take up the measure tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in Michigan the state Senate passed a bill on March 9th, that would appoint an “Emergency Financial Manager” to any city, locality, county, school district and township which could at will, nullify any union based contracts and undo the elected results of any local election, in the event of a declared ‘financial emergency’ by Governor Rick Snyder (R).

Two other matters of importance is that the “Emergency Financial Manager” could be an individual and/or a corporation with no limits on state based tax payer funds the EMF would be paid for their services.

Michigan Senate majority Republicans beat back 20 amendments by Democrats, including one that would limit any emergency financial manager's compensation to no more than the governor's $159,300 salary. 

The 26-12 vote capped two days of debate, punctuated by protests from union supporters in the halls of the Capitol on Tuesday, March 8th. All Republicans voted for it; all Democrats voted against. 

A similar but slightly different bill was passed in the Michigan state House two weeks ago. It is expected that the two bills versions will be coordinated quickly and passed by Governor Snyder by early next week. 

Reach Out Job Search News Blog writer and radio host, Monica RW will be at the Lansing, Michigan capitol building Thursday, March 10th, to gather Michiganders reaction on Governor Snyder and state elected Republicans measure.

Progressive activist, Filmmaker and Michigan resident Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show calling on Michiganders and Wisconsinites to protest in their perspective state capitol's on the 'Class Warfare' tactics. 

Moore on MSNBC video on March 9th, 2011

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