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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Career experts Tracy Brisson, Kurt Theobald on Reach Out Job Search Radio @ 6PM 3/3

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Join us for our Thursday, March 3rd  "Reach Out Job Search" radio show 6pm EST where our topic focus will be on ‘Finding Employment within the 21st Century’.

Our guests at 6:15pm EST will include Tracy Brisson, Owner and Executive Director of The Opportunities Project, highlighting how to prepare the best job search methods for the 21st Century employment market. At 7:00 pm EST Kurt Theobald entrepreneur and partner of Classy Llama Studios to speak about using the internet to stridently manage a job search or start a new business idea.

Photo Credit-Tracy Brisson
Ms. Brisson from The Opportunities
Project will discuss finding employment
in the 21st Century job market at
6:15 PM EST on Reach Out Job Search
Tracy Brisson is the Founder and CEO of The Opportunities Project an organization that specializes in helping college students and young professionals meet their professional and financial goals quickly.

Ms. Brisson believes that with the right skills, attitudes, and behaviors, individuals can create their own opportunities, regardless of their background. She coaches clients one-on-one and delivers workshops on soft-skills, interviews, and social media, among other topics.

Before launching her own company, Tracy worked in recruitment for over a decade. Her career advice has appeared in the New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Star Ledger, and on Monster+HotJobs, and

Join us starting at 6:15 PM EST for Ms. Brisson’s great insight on how to strategically prepare an employment search for today’s job marketplace.  

Photo Credit-Joey Southland
Kurt Theobald entrepreneur and
owner of the Classy Llama Studios
will be on Reach Out Job Search
radio beginning at 7:00 PM EST
Our second guest at 7:00 PM EST will be unconventional entrepreneur, author and visionary Kurt Theobald.  Mr. Theobald is an entrepreneur who has been around the block more times than most people are in their entire lives.  

Inversely, he began his career by starting and failing at eight businesses over four years and is now Executive Director of Classy Llama Studios, a successful eCommerce consulting firm.

Leaving college after one year, Kurt has gained his business acumen while interacting directly with the market in a wide range of capacities, from the mortgage to promoting and building traction for new-to-market products and services of businesses. 

Throughout this journey, he has developed an understanding of leadership that challenges the conventional and has given hope to those who hear it.

Other topics to be discussed in the show will be the latest information in the Wisconsin and Ohio’s Collective Bargaining Protests, initial unemployment claims figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the battle between our nations’ workers and wealthy Americans, the latest information on job search and employment fairs in Michigan and more.

To call into the show for thoughts, ideas or questions on topics discussed or for our featured guests, call 347-934-0185 beginning at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time. An online chat session will also be available during the program to connect with other listeners or to ask questions of our host-Monica RW or guests.

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