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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Victor Kwegyir, CEO of Vike Invest UK on Reach Out Job Search radio @ 6pm

Photo Credit-Victor Kwegyir
CEO of Vike Invest (UK) LTD,
Victor Kwegyir will appear on
Reach Out Job Search
Radio at 7:00 pm
Join us for our Thursday, February 3rd  "Reach Out Job Search" radio show @ 6pm EST where our topic focus will be on ‘Enlighten the Entrepreneurial Spirit’ for your next employment opportunity.  Our guest at 7:00pm EST, will be Victor Kwegyir , the founder and CEO of VIKE INVEST (UK) LTD, Author and International Speaker on a wide range of Financial Topics. Click here to contact Mr. Kwegyir on Twitter.

In addition, Mr. Kwegyir has a Master’s degree in International Financial Systems and also speaks internationally at seminars, challenging and equipping people with the knowledge and practical tools in starting and growing a business.

His top selling book, “The Business You Can Start-Spotting the Greatest Opportunities in the Financial Downturn”, provides a comprehensive, well-rounded, logical approach to creatively identify business opportunities, starting and growing a business in spite of the economic recession. It challenges and inspires you to take a second look at the economy, anywhere in the world, and see the Business Opportunities that you can take full advantage of.
Mr. Kwegyir also authors a well-resourced blog as well as, contributes to other major business and financial websites.

Other topics to be discussed in the show include the latest efforts by Representatives Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott to re-introduce a bill on behalf of this nations’ long-term unemployed job seekers on February 9th, the Republican’s lack of job creation measures during the five weeks they has been leaders in the House of Representatives, Eqypt’s uprising and the similarly to our long-term unemployed here in the United States and our campaign to place America’s Job Seekers back to work and the latest in job search and unemployment news.

To call into the show for thoughts, ideas or questions on topics discussed or for our featured guest, call 347-934-0185 beginning at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time. An online chat session will also be available during the program to connect with other listeners or to ask questions of our host-Monica RW or guests. 

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