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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reps. Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott will introduce a Tier I jobless extension for long-term unemployed, jobless

Current Chair, Barbara LeeImage via Wikipedia
Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA)
plans to re-introduce a bill to add
14 weeks of Federally Extended
Jobless Benefits to all long-term
unemployed job seekers.
Crew of 42 website, initially broke the news on Representative's Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Bobby Scott (D-VA) working on HR-6556-The Emergency Unemployment Compensation act late last year. The measure intent was to extend Federally Extended supplemental jobless payments all long-term unemployed individuals, including the 99ers, in December 2010. 

At that point in time, both Lee and Scott advocated that the draft legislation be considered for inclusion in HR-4853-The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Actwidely known as the 'Obama Tax Cut Deal'. 

To gain Republican support for the tax cut legislation, the Obama Administration decided to drop the measure by Congressional Black Caucus members Lee and Scott from final Tax Cut Bill. President Obama $857 Trillion tax cut bill was signed into law on December 17th. Afterwards, both Lee and Scott vowed to re-introduce a similar measure in the 112th Congressional Session, on January 5th.

Following up on their statements, similar piece of legislation is expected to be introduced in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011. The measure, if passed by the Congressional body, would add 14 weeks, to Tier I of Federally Extended Unemployment Benefits. 

It is important to note that this new measure to extend jobless benefits that Reps. Lee and Scott will introduce, would be fully paid-for, by funds out from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The Republican party demand on 'paying for' similar measures of the nature, was noted as their reasoning for filibustering  S-3706-The Americans Want to Work Act-sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) during the 2010, 111th Congressional session. 

Photo Credit-Google Images
Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA)
has worked with Lee to draft a jobless
compensation measure to extend
long-term jobless payments, to
unemployed that have received
the Tier I benefit level.
In addition, the legislation would impact all long-term unemployed job seekers, whom have received the supplemental income compensation over the initial 26 weeks, alloted by state based unemployment agencies.

Reach Out Job Search News Blog, in a call to the Washington, D.C. offices of Congresswoman Barbara Lee on February 3rd, confirmed a re-introduction of the measure will happen on Wednesday, February 9th.
"The Congresswoman plans to re-introduce a bill that would impact all the long-term unemployed on February 9th", a staffer from Representative Barbara Lee's office stated.
Equally, it is important to understand track the purposed bill would need to take, to become a law. The measure also be required to receive a majority vote of support during the House Congressional Committee process, to be voted upon on the floor. 

For highest chances of success, Congressional Co-Sponsors (Signers) besides just Representatives Lee and Scott, are necessary on the bill.
"Supporters of the measure are asked to contact their Federal Representatives in support of Co-sponsoring and voting for upcoming bill", stated Representative Lee Staffer

Impacted parties, would include all long-term jobless individuals that received unemployment benefits over and above Tier I, since 2008.

After re-introduction process on February 9th, a new Congressional classification number, will be assigned to the measure. Stay tuned to the Reach Out Job Search Blog and Radio Show, for upcoming information on this bill for America's Job Seekers.

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