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Monday, February 21, 2011

Recall Rick Snyder for Michigan campaign gaining stream on Facebook

Photo Credit-Recall Rick Snyder for
 Michigan Facebook Group

This group seeks to gain support
to recall Republican Governor Rick
Snyder starting in July 2011
A campaign to recall Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder has formed on the popular social media connection site Facebook. Recall Rick Snyder for Michigan group plan include gaining enough support over the to began gathering recall signatures to place a recall vote on the Michigan ballot, beginning in July 2011.

According to National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) to began a recall campaign of an state based elected official, organizers of the petition drive the signature requirement would include 25 percent of the total votes cast in the last election. In addition, the organizers would have 90 days from approval the recall language, to gather signatures. 

NSCL notes that Michigan's constitution acknowledges the political nature of recall efforts: 
"The sufficiency of any statement of reasons or grounds...shall be a political rather than a judicial question." 
During November 3rd election, former Gateway CEO/Millionaire Rick Snyder (R) received 1,874,834 or 58.1 percent of the vote and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero (D) received 1,287,320 or 39.9 percent of the vote. 

With a final vote tally count of 3,162,154, the Facebook Group organizers would need at least 790,538 registered voting Michiganders to mandate a ballot proposal for recalling Governor Snyder.

Momentum and voter anger might be on their side. Especially if Gov. Snyder's proposed $47 billion dollar 'Draconian' budget is passed by the Republican controlled state House and Senate. Snyder budget includes raising taxes on the middle and lower classes by eliminating all personal exemptions, the popular earned income tax credit for poorest Michigan residents, mandating income tax to Senior pensions, 401K's, yearly tax to all IRA savings accounts and more.

Photo Credit-Wayne State University
Former CEO and Chairman of bankrupt
Gateway computers, now Michigan's
Governor-Rick Snyder (R)
Including the cuts described above, Snyder's $1.2 billion in permanent spending cuts spreads the pain around, in a state that held the highest unemployment rate in the nation for over two years. Michigan's budget year cuts, that starts October 1st would also include, if passed:
  • It adds $1.7 billion to revenues by eliminating tax breaks for low-income workers, phasing out most senior tax breaks and getting rid of many other income tax deductions, such as one for donating to public universities. Personal deductions would be phased out for individuals making at least $75,000 or couples making at least $150,000.
  • Public schools would see a 4 percent cut, or about $470 per student. Intermediate school districts would be cut 5 percent.
  • Our state's 15 public universities, including one of top 10 education institutions in the nation, University of Michigan, would get 15 percent less, but $83 million would being set aside to be shared with universities that kept tuition increases around 7 percent or less. Community colleges would get the same $296 million they're getting now.
  • Spending on universities and community colleges would be switched from the state's general fund to the school aid fund. School districts have criticized the move, saying it would draw money away from public schools just as the school aid fund begins to again build a surplus that could allow per-pupil payments to rise.
  • Unionized State employees are going to be asked for $180 million in cuts. Health care premiums for those state employees would increase from 10% to 20%, and this is not counting medical deductibles.
  • Local governments would see their state payments cut. Due a state law barring many local communities and towns from accessing local taxes to increase revenue, operation budgets for those cities would be on the brink of bankruptcy and services like police, fire protection would fall apart. 
  • Eliminating 300 field worker positions in the Department of Human Services, before- and after-school program and, reducing the hourly rates paid to unlicensed aids and relatives in the child day care program.
Only Michiganders that that would be spared Governor Snyder's 'axe' would be Michigan's largest corporations. Snyder's budget would save large businesses $1.8 billion in state mandated tax by switching from Michigan Business Tax to a new 6 percent tax on corporate income. That cut is larger than the $1.5 billion he originally said the switch would cost.

A protest against Snyder's budget is scheduled by Michigan's AFL-CIO and other groups  Tuesday, February 22nd, the day after President's Day, at the Central United Methodist Church at 215 North Capitol Avenue in Lansingacross from the Capitol Building at 9:00am.

Facebook Group Recall Rick Snyder for Michigan moderator latest status recites they are checking Michigan recall's legal language and expect to report their research by Tuesday.
"Going to read the recall language tonight by the fireplace with a good supply of something or other. Then we can start to work the gameplan," stated in the group moderator status.
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