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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Month end not going well for Gov. Scott Walker, protesters gain GOP support

Photo Credit-WI AFL-CIO Flickr
Wisconsin Union Protesters
hand Gov. Scott Walker another
defeat as they are allowed to
stay in the capitol rotunda
building another night 
For Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker (R) exit from February, into the month of March is not starting well.
On the evening of February 27th, Wisconsin's AFL-CIO twitter feed is reporting that Republican state senator Dale Schultz might have withdrawn his support for Gov. Walker's to bill to collective bargaining rights for most state workers.

"waiting for confirmation but word is Sen. Dale Schultz (R) is OPPOSING the bill," WI AFL-CIO Twitter status read.
The previous week Senator Schultz offered a "compromise proposal", in an attempt to break the deadlock, but it was rejected by Walker and panned by the protesters. Within the measure, it would have ended union workers' collective bargaining rights until 2013.

If the reports via Wisconsin's AFL-CIO are true, those oppose to Gov. Walker's bill would need at least two other GOP members to join Schultz and break party ranks in order to kill the bill. Another Twitter update from Campus Progress reporter Micah Uetricht confirms that protesters are aware of the possible change of heart by Senator Schultz. 
"Huge sign in Capitol read "we need 3 courageous sen.s" ppl now changing it to "2", read Uetricht status update.
More bad news happened over the weekend for Gov. Walker. On Thursday, Walked had ordered that the capitol be closed and the protesters removed on Sunday at 4pm CST. Defiant, protesters stated that they would not leave the Rotunda area, setting up a standoff. 

It appears that protesters have won. The Wisconsin Education Association Council Twitter feed reported that protesters were allowed to stay overnight and food deliveries to participants were restored.
"Doors to OUR HOUSE, the Capitol, open again at 8 a.m. Repeat: protesters are allowed to stay tonight, and food is being delivered", WECA status stated.
Finally, obtaining a meal at a local eatery should be an easy feat for a Governor of the state; unless the gubernatorial official is Gov. Scott Walker. 

restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday, February 25th  asked Gov. Walker to politely leave after establishment when other customers began booing him. Restaurant staff reported "his presence was causing a disturbance to the other customers and management asked him to leave".

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