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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

State House Democrats plan on re-introducing the Hire Michigan First Plan

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Michigan House Democrats announce
re-introducing the Hire First Plan today.

Michigan House Democrats, following up on job creation initiatives originally announced on January 13th, stated they would re-introduce the Hire Michigan First Plan today.

The Hire Michigan First plan would ensure that state economic development incentives and contracts are used to hire Michigan workers for employment opportunities first and not illegal immigrants or those from other states. 

House Democrats have passed the plan multiple times, but key provisions were blocked by the Republican Senate in during former Governor Jennifer Granholm administration.

The legislation would give priority to contractors that hire Michigan workers, for jobs paid for by tax dollars. For contractors winning bids work within on State Governmental offices and buildings, the Hire First Plan passage would require businesses to hire Michigan workers. 

For employment opportunities created by municipal bonds, countries and/or localities would be encouraged to use contracted business entities, who prove they are following the hiring practices outlined in the Hire Michigan First Plan.

Democratic legislators in the House state the plan would put people to work in Michigan by ensuring they are the first hired for jobs created by tax dollars.
"People in Michigan need jobs, and they need them now," Hammel noted on the Michigan House Democrats site in January.
"House Democrats have been working for years on concrete plans to create jobs. As we start the new legislative session, we hope that it truly is a 'new day' in Lansing and that legislative leaders and the new administration will work with us on these solutions so we can get people back on the job right away.”
The Hire First measure would require agencies to report how many Michigan workers are hired from the annual $3 billion the state spends in tax incentives.

Opponents of the proposed measure say the bill would benefit unions and do little to create jobs.
"You're just going to raise the cost of providing jobs and investment in Michigan," says Michael LaFaive, director of fiscal policy at Midland's Mackinac Center for Public Policy.
LaFaive says forcing businesses to hire certain workers, especially those with a prevailing wage, would artificially drive the cost of doing business up and drive development out of the state.

Michigan's current Governor Rick Snyder (R) has not made a public statement to date, on his position, on the Hire First Plan measure.

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