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Monday, February 21, 2011

Angstrom USA move to Ypsilanti brings up to 300 jobs, possibly 1000 hires by 2012

Photo Credit-Ypsilanti Historical Society
Former Ford Ypsilanti Plant, originally
build in 1932, will be converted to
a global tube manufacturer plant by
Angstrom USA, bringing up to 300 jobs 
Angstrom USA, a global precision tube manufacturer that builds precision needle bearing, driveshaft and tubular assemblies for auto companies located in Taylor, Michigan, plans to begin consolidation plant at the former Ford/Visteon Ypsilanti plant. Angstrom purchased the location between I-94 and Spring Street in 2009. 

Good news for job seekers in the Ypsilanti area is by July 2011, Angstrom plant relocation will bring between 250 to 300 relocated and new hire employees, after renovations to the 35-acre property.

Ypsilanti Planning Commission approved the first phase of a three-phase site plan Angstrom USA to start operations at the facility purchased from Ford-controlled Automotive Components Holdings (ACH) for $2 million.

The City of Ypsilanti officials, after review of the site plan, state Angstrom could add up to 1,000 jobs by 2012. City Planner Teresa Gillotti said that final figure depends on Angstrom's growth.
"They're actually transforming it in a lot of ways from a standard industrial plant to a corporate headquarters," Gillotti said to Ann "They're really trying to do a nice job and cleaning up the site. 
"It's a big investment and it's exciting," she said. "It shows a commitment on their part."
Three individual phases of the manufacturing plant are planned to be completed by 2015, with the city planning department approving a new site plan, before each phase. Gillotti said there currently is no timeline on when Angstrom would revitalize the other two parcels comprising the property. That also depends on the company's growth.

As part of the purchase agreement, ACH demolished approximately 250,000 square feet of the 1 million square foot building on the property’s southwest corner throughout early 2010. Part of the demolished area formerly held a power plant but now, will include parking and landscaping Gillotti noted.

Angstrom has a separate contract with Ford Environmental Quality to clean the site’s soil and groundwater. The completion of this project is expected to take another four years.
"It's nice that Angstrom has that deal," Gillotti said. "Ford has done a lot of work on the site. They're reorienting it so Angstrom can do everything they need on it.

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