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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2000 Michiganders join solidarity protest for Wisconsin, Gov. Snyder budget cuts

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Up to 2000 protesters came to the Lansing,
Michigan Capitol on Saturday, February 26th
 to protest against Gov. Rick Snyder (R) cuts
and to show solidarity with
Wisconsin workers and unions.
An estimated 2,000 union members and supporters from across Michigan rallied at the Lansing Capitol building today in support Wisconsin’s public employee unions, against corporate-sponsored Republican attacks on working people and Governor Rick Snyder (R) proposed ‘draconian cuts’ to the state budget.

Protest events began earlier this week in Lansing on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, and have continued during a Michigan Film Industry informational event in Livonia on Thursday, February 24th. Gov. Snyder budgetary plans would cutting the states Film Incentive Credit to $25 Million dollars, costing the state thousands of needed employment opportunities.

The rally included a special visit by former 2010 Democratic Party candidate for gubernationial candidate, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, who fired up the crowd with a campaign-like with a pro-union welcome speech.

“I can understand why Thomas Jefferson said a little revolution now and then is a good thing,” said Bernero to loud cheers. “The assault on unions, the assault on the public employees is nothing less than an assault on the American people.”
Protesters in the crowd were encouraged by Mayor Bernero’s words and speech and some agreed that voters elected the wrong candidate for the Governor’s office in November 2010, with Rick Snyder.
“Michiganders picked the wrong man for the job of getting our state back on track”, stated Phil McGriffin a protestor from Ann Arbor. “Snyder never told us as potential voters, if one was to really listen to what his agenda was how he was going to if he was elected into office. Instead he gave a bunch of spin, slogans and would not properly debate Mayor Bernero.”
Michigan’s noon rally was among those planned for all 50 state capitals today to show solidarity with Republican Midwest Governors in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and other states attempts to strip them of bargaining rights and raise taxes on working or retired class residents.

Speakers informed the protestors of Former Gateway Chairman, C.E.O and Millionaire Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to tax pensions, cut business taxes, Michigan’s education K-12, University funding, slash revenue sharing with cities, towns, countries, raise taxes on middle/lower classes and economic policies they said favor the wealthy. The sign-carrying crowd chanted, “Tax the rich,” “Go Badgers” – a reference to Wisconsin public employees – and “Recall Rick,” a reference to Snyder.

Five social media groups on Facebook has formed in the past week and one-half, since Gov. Snyder’s proposed budget announcement. The groups are Recall Rick Snyder for Michigan, Michigan Seniors/Retirees Protest Tax on Pensions, Save the Michigan Film Credit, Tell Rick Snyder to Keep Michigan’s Film Incentives and Recall Rick Snyder 790,538 Signatures Needed; to stage a recall signature campaign starting July 1, 2011, six months after Gov. Snyder's swearing ceremony into the gubernational office.
“We see what could be coming this way from Wisconsin, and we’re trying to send Mr. Snyder a message, don’t go there,” said Nick Seifert of Livonia, member of Local 25 Iron Workers to the Detroit Free Press. He was among a group from Novi-based union members who drove to the rally.
Some in the crowd had just returned from Madison, Wisconsin, where they joined protests against the anti-union Republican legislation. The bill passed the Wisconsin State Assembly, but cannot be voted on in the GOP-controlled Senate while 14 elected Democratic Senators continue a self-imposed exile outside of the state; to avoid passing a bill that would end collective bargaining

Irving Miller, a retired physician from Farmington Hills, said he drove to the rally because “I think the tea party and the Republican Party are destroying the middle class in this country. The unions gave us so much, made a middle class.”

Some in the large crowd said they learned of the rally in the past two days from an Internet campaign led by progressive group, who called the protests in various states "Save the American Dream Rallies".

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