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Friday, January 7, 2011

True Intentions-Donations requested by unemployed advocacy groups should be clear, concise

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Unemployed advocacy groups requests 
for cash donations should be clear,
concise to not confuse the overall 
message to the public at large

An Reach Out Job Search OP/ED

Sitting at the computer writing this post, we are at a complete lost on where to begin. The sub-title of this article is called ‘true intentions’ for a reason.

Walking a lonesome road for the past nine months since unemployment extensions were eliminated for up to 6 Million unemployed American Job Seeking 99ers in April 2010; one of the saving graces in this group is gathering support and comfort of others in cyberspace, experiencing similar circumstances. 

Others have taken an ‘up-front’ advocacy role, informing the public at large about the true cause of this group through written and televised media. Some have decided the best action is to read or watch information presented about the cause, but not embarking on an activist role.

Each of the unemployed, regardless of the path chosen, has given a voice openly or in silence support to forgotten souls over the past two years.

Hopes of many 99ers were dampened when a last-minute bill HR-6556-The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act sponsored by Representatives Barbara Lee (D-VA) and Bobby Scott (D-VA) died a short death in the 111th Congress, after a late presentation of the measure into the lame-duck session on December 17th.

Both Representatives have vowed to re-introduce the legislation into the 112th Congress but, it is doubtful the bill will make it out of the newly Republican lead Ways and Means House committee.

But, back to the original point of this piece, true intentions.

As a group, 99ers and other unemployed American must to be aware of how they present themselves in the media. Particularly, if they have a position of influence like a blog, news forum site, radio show, podcast or other access points to reach beyond the ears and eyes America’s Unemployed Job Seekers, into the public at large.

Professionalism in  presentation mediums described above is a must. Negative ‘vibes’ already exist in public circles on why it is taking some 99ers more than two years to find a full-time, income stable employment opportunity. Nothing such, this is why when elements give off impressions that could cripple the work vocal and silent advocates engaged within for unemployed job seekers, it must be called upon.

Asking for donations for advocacy causes is normal. Large activists support groups and blogs like,, Democratic Underground and even this news blog Reach Out Job Search have betrothed upon fundraising campaigns. 

Contributions are frequency used to support sites due to their non-profit status and, at others for-profit private groups to engage in fundraising endeavors to support operations or donations to campaigns they support.

The reason for requesting monetary request of individuals and/or groups whom support resources, blogs or forums should be clear, valid and ethical.

For unemployed advocacy groups or resources the ‘road of rightness’ when for funding support jumps to another level. Unemployed job seekers have limited resources at best to maintain basic standards of daily living. 

For 99ers, many of whom have experienced months without any form of supplemental income payment assistance, requesting a donation as a $1.00 might be caught between choices of a meal or maintain a roof over their heads on a given day.

This is why ‘true intentions’ of advocates that request donations to maintain operations or platforms to spread the word, must be presented without since of ambiguity. 

If the reasoning behind the funding request is not clear and raises more questions than answers, it threatens to crack the foundation that unemployed job seekers have presented to the public at large over two years. The professionalism for each of the true advocacy groups supporting America’s Job Seekers could be viewed with a skeptical eye, by others outside the cause.

‘True Intentions’ cannot be misconstrued. 99ers and others unemployed have come to far have their two true causes- returning back to work via re-training, employment openings and hopefully receiving supplemental income assistance until they do, by perceived self-focused intentions of individuals.

What are your thoughts on this article? Feel free to comment on this story, below!
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