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Monday, January 31, 2011

The real story of long-term unemployment in America, V.P. Biden tells jobless to 'Hang in There'

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V.P. Biden tells jobless
workers to 'Hang in There'
but forgets to tell them, for
what reason.
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What more proof does unemployed job seekers need? Especially, 99ers who have been without any form of supplemental jobless income compensation since April 2010 and have been trying to do their very best to find employment quickly, to no or little avail.

Vice President Biden Tells Long-Term Unemployed Job Seekers to ‘Just Hang in There”

Reading a January 28th interview by Yahoo News reporters Rachel Rose Hartman and Anna Roberson with Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, he believes that an eliminated 30 million unemployed, underemployed and other job seekers need, including 6 million long-term jobless 99ers, need to just ‘Hang in there’.

Yes, you have read that quote correctly. V.P. Joseph Biden believes that if you are jobless, wondering how to pay for food, lights, shelter, gas which is expected to increase to $4.00 a gallon over the summer months or paying other basic life necessaries; just ‘hang in there’ and Biden believes it will be OK.

Here is some raw advice for V.P. Biden and for that instance the entire Obama Administration. Many Americans have ‘hung in there’ waiting for a true job creation program and are still waiting for it.

Not Enough Stimulus for Job Creation Originated from the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 but, the Banks, Wall Street and Mega-Rich are in Much Better Shape Now

In the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009, the Obama Administration spent over $787 trillion dollars of tax payer funds, with expectations of real improvements in employment opportunities for Americans.

Instead of job opportunities, jobless Americans that are willing and able to work received little to no help re-financing their mortgages to affordable monthly rates from the Making Homes Affordable Program.

Programs similar to Michigan’s No-Worker Left Behind' program, which offered re-training into ‘career-fields of the future’ had huge waiting lists for the jobless who were receiving unemployment benefits in March 2009. This program has practically shut down all operations a little over one year later, in July 2010.

It gets better, no not really, much worse for the long-term unemployed- as time carried on. Various media resources reported on companies that literally post within their employment advertisements ‘Unemployed need not apply' frank suggestions and nothing is done about it with our elected Government leaders.

State social programs resources are being stretched to the point of insolvency as jobless Americans have little to no choice but to ask for assistance with food, medical, heat and basic income needs.

Meanwhile Wall Street profits are up, big banks are posting huge profits and the income gap between the poor/middle class and mega/super rich, are at record highs in this country.

Unemployed, Depressed and Shamed by Their Jobless Situations Consider the Ultimate Solution, Other Unemployed Job Seekers Reach Out to Help

Some of the long-term unemployed have seriously thought about a sad ultimate solution to their personal situations; deciding that this life existence was not worth living anymore. Others nameless jobless individuals across our great nation have suffered health aliments that are the direct result of the stress, despair, depression and hopelessness that comes along with being unemployed for a period of time.

Recent enlightening reports about other unemployed job seekers reaching out to help those depressed individuals, offering hope, regardless of personal situations, to others really show real concern for the suffering health and welfare.

But, the Vice President believes the long-term unemployed need to just ‘hang in there’. Remember, yes Biden is known for his ability to speak ‘off the cuff’ or in other words...not truly thinking about the impact of his words before they come out of his mouth, lips or vocal cords.

Regardless, Biden is an important adviser and friend to President Obama. It is hard to believe that these types of less than thoughtful statements about unemployed Americans have not occurred in White House strategy sessions, that the American public-at-large, never are a part of.

Long-Term Unemployed Job Seekers are treated like an Unwanted Plague by the Obama Administration, While other Jobless Receiving Payments are Played Against The 99ers

To make matters worse for jobless 99ers or other exhaustees  -individuals who have exhausted all state and federal unemployment benefits they were entitled, recently as November 2010, were treated as ‘the problem’ by this White House.

President Obama ignored the pleases of Congressional Black Caucus members, the American 99 Union, U3 Cubed, various media writers and other groups supporting the long-term  jobless, to either enact a true job creation program or include additional weeks of benefits during the Tax Cut deal with Republicans.

In fact, the spin that was given to main stream media (MSM) resources were that the unemployment extension negotiated with Congressional Republicans, in exchange for tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans was a ‘deal-breaker;’ to allow for income payments to extend for all jobless under 56- 99 weeks of benefits for 13 months or, until January 2012. This was a clear falsehood or flat out lie by the Obama Spin Machine team.

Over 60 percent of the long-term jobless who received an extension under the Obama Tax Deal have been unemployed for over one year. In other words, for a majority of job seekers receiving the supplement income benefit now, will have their supplemental income cease to exist by December 2011, if not earlier.

Many job seekers are slowly waking up to the reality that millions of 99ers and exhaustees have known for over a year, plus. There is not real assistance, care or concern from the Obama Administration about the long-term jobless.

Jobless Individuals Now Are Asking for Help from Grassroots Resources, Support Groups and Websites, since the many in the Federal Government have Turned Their Backs on Them

Job seekers are showing up on the Facebook advocacy groups’ pages for 99ers and other unemployed like Extend Unemployment Benefits, 99ers Need a Tier V Added to Unemployment Benefits99ers United and webpages like Help the 99ers created by progressive radio host Nicole Sandler; to ask if additional assistance for the jobless is coming from our Government or to inquiry about basic help, paying their bills.
“I hear a lot of talk but little action”, wrote Brian Walsh on the Extend Unemployment Benefits Facebook Page. “I will be 99er In March and worried. We should get till next January as everyone else. Same Economic picture for everyone correct?”
Or statements like this one on the Help the 99ers webpage:
“I have recently been accused of being lazy, by members of my own family. As of 3 weeks from now i will be a 99er, and with 3 semesters of my associate's degree behind me, have had to give up school, and more or less beg for a job”, Cmclaughlin of St. Joseph, Michigan.
Over 55 it is not easy. I need something that will support me at least until Sept., when i hope to go back and finish my degree. Michigan was the first to hit the recession and will be the last to get out of it, but i will not move away from home and family. Want to get out of the industrial world, but will if i have to, if it provides me with a path out of it”, stated the writer.
Could a Uprising Similar to what has Occurred in Egypt Happen with the Long-Term Unemployed or Will the United States Version of ‘Democracy’ Save Them Instead?

That brings another subject. If the unemployment situation is not properly handed in our nation; will the United States in the future face an economic uprising similar to Egypt and its' so-called democratic system –where the same leader Hosni Mubarak was 'questionably elected for over 30 years? In our country, we have a different but, remarkability similar issue.

Every four years we elect a Presidential leader. Term limits on the presidency in our nations’ Constitution that requires a new leader to be elected, after servicing two consecutive terms in office. But, in many cases elect the same Senators, Congressional House Representative over and over; and Supreme Court Justices after confirmation, are affirmed for life.

We feel as if our democracy is different than in Egypt but in reality, it is not. Yes, we have a different face and possible party for President –either Democratic or Republican. As the election of President Barack Obama taught many long-term jobless, from the eight years of former President George H.W. Bush, at many times, policy changes not that much different.

Specifically, President Obama refuses to extend unemployment compensation over 99 weeks. In fact, his members of his cabinet –like Vice President Joe Biden stated above and Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee agrees, the long-term jobless need to ‘hang in there’ and because ‘unemployment is going to stay high’, just wait for the magic wand for employment situations to improve.

The people of Egypt in 2010 had a 9.7 percent unemployment rate and 12.8 percent rate inflation in food and commodities prices in the past three years.

America’s unemployed job seekers have experience foreclosures, higher food prices and gas rising from an average of a $2.15 in 2007 to an average of $3.25 in 2011, just four short years later. To make matters worse, many unemployed will receive limited or no tax refunds this year due to President Obama not extending the $2400 unemployment tax credit of 2009, on the 2010 return.

Is this difference from the expectation if George H.W. Bush or another Republican was elected as President in 2008? Probably not….as instead of change, job seekers in this country received more of the same. Now they are being told to ‘hang in there’. 

The burning question jobless Americans need V.P. Biden to answer, to his statement, is we need to 'hang in there' for what?

An You Tube video by Concerned in KY that sums up how many 99ers and long-term unemployed feel about their situation

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