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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Congressman Robert Brady draft a bill to criminalize to threaten, target lawmakers, staff

Photo Credit-Rep. Brady's
Facebook Page

Congressman Brady to
draft bill making it
a federal crime incite
violence against elected
officials and their staff
Congressman Robert Brady (D-PA) plans to draft legislation introducing legislation making federal crime for a person to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threating or inciting violence against members of Congress

Brady speaking to CNN's Fredericka Whitfield on January 9th, spoke of his plans to present the legislation in during the first day of the Congressional Session in the House of Representatives.
"We are going to expand Title 18 United States Code 871 that deals with threats against the President and we are going to explain it to members of Congress, in the Performance of their duties:, Representative Brady stated. 
"We are as out there as much as anybody else, and we are going to criminalize behavior that engage in putting cross-hairs or bullseye on members of Congress or their districts", he noted.

Anchor Whitfield clarified if Congressman's Brady intention was to proposal the legislation he intents to draft the first day of the Congressional Session, a crime. 
"Yes we are going to make that a Federal Crime, exactly", Brady noted.
Rep. Brady cited the need for nationwide public support to ensure that the bill is passed in Congress and signed by President Obama quickly; to protect Federal elected officials and staff members performing the duties of their office and for residents in within their districts.
"And you cannot protect us in a district, it is just to hard to protect all of us in a district. And I am not going to hide or move and not go to my events or not go to public events because of this incident", Brady stated.
On March 282010, Huffington Post reported that Sarah Palin’s Facebook page featured a map containing 20 gun sights or 'crosshairs', one for each of the Democrats targeted this year by her political action committee SarahPAC. Unfortunately, for Congresswoman Gifford, her district in Arizona was one of the twenty targeted by Sarah Palin’s organization.

Sarah PAC has since taken down the Facebook posting. A save Google Cache image from  which formerly depicting the face of Congresswoman Gifford was altered on November 29, 2010 to only cite the Representatives name. 

Brady also spoke of a possible connection to the shootings of 20 victims by suspect Loughner at Rep. Giffords public event and SarahPAC 'target' map, specifically.
"Everyone knows who represents that district. We all know on that particular instance it was about Gabby Gifford", Brady clarified.
MSNBC reported on January 9th that Pima County Sheriff Department and FBI search of the suspects' home in the case Jared Lee Loughner 22, revealed a letter in which the Loughner wrote of his plans to harm Representative Gifford.

Whitfield asked Rep. Brady about the chances of success for this bill in the new 112th Congress were the Republicans took over the House, following the overcome of the November 3, 2010 elections.

"It (the bill) is going to be successful if I can get 219 votes to be for it. And all we are doing is protect ourselves and trying to protect our staff members."

Congressman Brady has public Facebook Page, where individuals can pass a message of support for this bill will propose to protect elected officials and their staff.

ADN.Com has pictures from the scene of the incident at the Subway Shopping Plaza on January 8th in Tucson, Arizona. WARNING-some of the photos are very graphic.

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