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Monday, January 24, 2011

CBC Rep. Barbara Lee will introduce 99er bill paid for by outsets in the Federal budget

Current Chair, Barbara LeeImage via Wikipedia
Congressional Black Caucus Leader Barbara
Lee (D-CA) will introduce unemployment
legislation, that is paid for by budget offsets
for 99ers, in the next coming weeks.  
The Amercian 99ers Union announced on its' website on January 23rd that Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA), leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, will re-introduce HR-6556 -Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act for the unemployed job seeking 99ers

Their site stated that Representative Lee rallying additional supporters in the U.S. House of Representatives and developing a media plan for the bill. According to the American 99ers Union state, that she should reintroduce the bill within the coming weeks.

Details of the legislation include, adding a 14-week extension to the first tier of federal unemployment benefits. By taking this action, 99ers in all 50 states would be eligible to receive the benefits, regardless of their state unemployment rate.

One of the factors that have surrounded extending benefits to the job seeking 99ers is Republican Leadership demands that any unemployment insurance bill enacted in the future, be paid for by outsets elsewhere in the Federal budget.  Representative Lee announced that they extension would be paid for under the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008 and submitted as part of the House appropriations bill. 

Reporter and unemployment advocate Kelly Wiedemer with stated that she contacted the office of Speaker of the House John Boehner and was told the following:

"It is important to note that a staffer in Speaker John Boehner's office told me a little more than a week ago that the Speaker supports U.I. extensions if they are paid for'- let's hold the Speaker to his word", Ms. Widemer stated.

American 99ers Union is suggesting that people in support of the extension contact their respective House Representatives by phone, fax, e-mail and request their support for any proposed legislation that would extend unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed.

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