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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Senate pass tax cuts 81-19, bill expected to stream-roll in House, 99ers left out

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President Obama tax cut bill pass in Senate,
now expected to steamroll its' way though
the House, without any changes for 6 Million

HR-4853 -The Middle Class Tax Relief act has passed in the Senate at 1:23 pm EST December 15th, by a 81 to 19 vote, despite initial objections of some Democrats in the body. 

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) who recently as Monday encouraged Americans against the bill to contact his website to voice opposition voted for President Obama 'compromise deal' with the Republicans.

"That's not the way we should legislate but, frankly, in the end we have to pay the ransom," Brown said on a noon conference call reported on

Three amendments, including one by Senator Jim DeMint (D-SC) citing the concerns the HR-4853 would add to the $13.7 Trillion dollar deficit, failed. The 'compromise deal' will add approximately $900 Billion dollars of unpaid debt to the nations debt. 

On Monday, December 13th, Huffington Post reported Moody's issued a statement that the credit report agency post a negative outlook statement on the United States "AAA" rating in the future. If that stance is adopted, the agency would make a rating cut, within the next 12-to18 months, making it difficult for the United States to borrow money from countries such as China to deal with the growing debt.

In the House, the changes of that the bill will go down in defeat is growing less likely. Many 99ers groups - unemployed job seekers who EXHAUSTED between 73-99 weeks of the supplemental income benefit- were encouraged in the body, talks to add a "Tier V' extension to the bill by the Congressional Black Caucus on Friday, December 10th. It appears that any possible amendment for this group is not being considered, at this time. 

Instead, the Hill reports that the House Democrats may vote on a non-binding caucus resolution calling for an amendment to extend the unemployment benefits for the same two year period that the tax cuts are being extended. At the same time, they are also reporting that most of the strong opposition to the bill is dissipating as legislators become resigned to the bill’s inevitable passage, just the way it current is written. 

Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT), who just a week ago circulated a letter signed by 54 Democrats urging opposition to the deal, now says the “die is cast.”

“It is academic, OK. The bottom line is that it is a fast moving train and that has become clear and Washington is doing what it is finding easy to do,” he said in an interview with The Hill.

“Once the president entered into that agreement with the Senate Republicans even while talks with the House were supposedly under way, that set the tone for the weekend and now you got Americans excited about a trillion dollars that is going to be in effect given away,” Welch said.

With the House expected to cast a up or down vote on the HR-4853 early as Thursday, December 16th it appears that the Congress will either meet or just delay by a few days at best their annual holiday recess schedule to start on December 17th

For up to 6 Million 99ers, who have waited for some form of assistance from either Congress and/or the President since exhausting all benefits in April 2010, the growing reality is that on the Federal level, they are left out on their own. 

The numbers of '99ers' are expected to grow to an estimated 10-12 Million by the end of January 2012 -when the 13 month extension of those under 73-99 weeks of benefits end- if promise improvement in job opportunities do not come to fusion under the Obama tax cut deal.

Other measures that was expected to be voted upon in the lame duck session the DREAM ActDADT and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, known as the Stark Agreement, will either be delayed or experience a difficult time passing in the January 2011 House of Representatives, controlled by the Republicans and Speaker John Boehner (D-OH).

What are your thoughts on this article? If you are a 99er, have you given up on Congress to pass any further assistance for you? Feel free to comment on this story, below!
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