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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reach Out Job Search Radio 12/17 -Is Congress failing unemployed 99ers; What are the next steps?

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Reach Out Job Search Radio on 12/16
will focus the entire show on the history
of the 99 Movement in the past 8 months
Our last live show of 2011 on "Reach Out Job Search" Radio, Thursday, December 16th at 6pm EST, will be devoted to recalling the history of the American Job Seeker '99er Movement'. 

The Senate set one of the nails in their door for the 99ers by voting 81-19 in favor of President Barack Obama's Tax Deal with the GOP

The Congress, despite the calls of the Congressional Black Caucus and a number of other Representatives, is set to pass HR-4853-The Middle Class Tax Relief/Unemployment Extension bill by December 17th, if not earlier. 

With both of these actions, President Obama probably quickly sign the bill on Monday, December 20th, leaving up to 6 million 99ers out to dry

We want to hear from 99ers on what their next steps will be now, since it appears all actions are lost in Congress or with the President to receive any relief of assistance. What are the next steps for the '99er Movement'? 

Call in the show at 347-934-0185 TODAY at 6pm EST and share your story, concerns, questions or ideas

Host Monica Ross-Williams a writer for Detroit Job Search Examiner for, ADAN News and is a Senior Moderator on

Reach Out Job Search Radio understands the efforts of those seeking to return back to the workforce. Stop by the show each Thursday's @ 6pm to share your opinion, thoughts, ideas and more on this issue, affecting millions of Americans.

What are your thoughts on this article? Are you tuning into tonights' radio program? Feel free to comment on this story, below!
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