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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Michigan unemployment payments could be delayed due to holiday period, UIA cites

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Michigan’s job seekers receiving payments from the state’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) might have a slight delay in payments if their checks are made to an unemployment debit card or deposited directly into their bank account.

"It normally takes two to three business days for electronic payments to reach an individual's bank account or debit card," UIA Director Stephen Geskey said. "While MARVIN will accept the individual's certification, the holidays could cause processing delays by banks."

Unemployed workers are encouraged to continue contacting the UIA’s automated Michigan's Automated Response Voice Interactive Network (MARVIN) system throughout the two weeks to claim their unemployment benefits.

Michigan’s unemployed workers claiming supplemental jobless benefits must contact MARVIN by telephone or online once every two weeks to claim their unemployment benefits. When communicating with the MARVIN network, individuals must certify they continue to be unemployed and meet the eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits. 

After the MARVIN contact, benefits are normally authorized and issued on the next business day.

During the Christmas and New Year's weeks, UIA will be using the following schedule for authorizing and posting unemployment benefit payments:

Reporting To MARVIN On:
Monday, Dec. 20 or 27

Look For Payment On:
Following Wednesday or Thursday

Reporting To MARVIN On:
Tuesday, Dec. 21 or 28

Look For Payment On:
Following Thursday or Friday

Reporting To MARVIN On:
Wednesday, Dec. 22 or 29

Look For Payment On:
Following Friday or Monday

Reporting To MARVIN On:
Thursday, Dec. 23 or 30

Look For Payment On:

Reporting To MARVIN On:
Friday, Dec. 24 or Dec 31

Look For Payment On:
Following Tuesday or Wednesday

Reporting To MARVIN On:
Saturday, Dec. 25

Look For Payment On:
Following Tuesday or Wednesday

Saturday, Jan. 1 - MARVIN will not be available

Individuals who contact MARVIN by phone must report during specific times according to a Monday through Wednesday schedule based on the last two digits of their Social Security numbers.

If  jobless workers in Michigan miss their normal reporting time, they may call anytime on Thursday or Friday between 7am and 7pm, and on most Saturdays between 7am and 3pm.
MARVIN can be reached toll-free at 1-866-638-3993.

MARVIN is also available online to those with free online web accounts at MARVIN online is available to users anytime during the reporting week from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, and from 7am to 3pm on most Saturdays.

UIA will be closed on December 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st, for state of Michigan observed holidays.

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