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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For unemployed '99ers' President Obama 'compromise deal' with GOP is a bitter pill to shallow

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe ...Image via Wikipedia
President Obama stated during a 12/7
press conference that he had no choice
but to make a 'compromise deal' with
the GOP that left 6 Million '99ers'
out to dry.
President Barack Obama held a news conference at 2:30pm on December 7th, drawing a tone that he had no choice but to ‘compromise’, for the goals of the American people. Regardless, the Presidents’ efforts towards negotiation with the Republicans, did not include about 6 Million ‘99ers’, that were left out to dry.

The ‘99ers’ are EXHAUSTED jobless individuals whom previously received between 73-99 weeks of supplemental income payments. These Americans stop receiving any form of unemployment payments around April 2010. 

Many people of this group, including unemployment advocate Rhonda Taylor, believe that President Obama’s compromise is ‘ignored’ the longest-term unemployed, who have been a part of the economic crisis since 2008.
“I am truly in disbelief after 8 months of contacting the White House, the Senators and the Congress that knew 99ers had exhausted what benefits they had available to them, and were ignored again in fair of extending Bush Tax Cuts for the rich. We will not hide in the attic anymore. This shame is not ours and its time that people in America know what’s going on in their country”, stated Ms. Taylor.
Ms. Taylor of Rhode Island, story of was highlighted by CNN anchors Mary Snow and Ali Velshi on December 7th. Being unemployed early 2008, Ms. Taylor expressed fears that her efforts to use food banks and clothing donations organizations to manage survival with her family while not receiving any unemployment insurance, would not be enough to keep her three young children out of the foster care system.
“I will not allow them to be in the streets. If I have too, I will give them over to foster care first, to keep them from this", Taylor stated.
Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) sponsored S.3706 “The Americans Want to Work Act” bill on August 4th. The legislation would allow ‘99ers’ 20 weeks of supplemental income benefits. Another unreported measure in the bill, is a $2000 tax credit which would be available for employers to hire the longest-term unemployed, similar to Ms. Taylor.

On September 28th, lame-duck Senator George LeMieux (R-FL) launched a stand-alone filibuster against S.3706, citing deficit concerns. Ironically, Republicans have claimed that the estimated $700 Billion dollars’ worth of tax cuts for those making over $250,000 a year, including very wealthy America’s, is the right thing to do because ‘they are the job creators’.

The tax credits for direct job creation efforts provided by S.3706, were not included in the ‘compromise’ with the GOP, along with no additional support for the ‘99ers’. Jared Bernstein-Chief Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden believes that the long-term unemployed deserve help but that type of assistance, was not included in this ‘deal’.
“Well look, I think someone that experienced that extensive length of long-term unemployment they absolutely need help. I think they help they need most, is some type of structural training or something to help them get back into the workforce”, Bernstein stated to CNN’s Ali Velshi about the ‘99ers' on a December 7th news program.
“Because I think the case is that they need some type of skill enhancement. That is obviously a huge part of our agenda, not part of this agreement. We really did try and go the distance to help the jobless that though no fault of their own, are having a tough time right now", Bernstein stated.
For other ‘99ers’, trying to understand President Obama’s ‘compromise deal’ , is a tough pill for too shallow.
“I am totally appalled over this plan that President Obama has come up with. Giving the rich more tax breaks when they don't need it and leaving over 5 million 99ers who have been without any income for months with absolutely NOTHING”, stated ‘99er’ advocate Cindy Paoletti from New York.   
“The 99ers have been fighting their own battle for survival for a long time with no help from anyone that has the power to lobby for us in Congress", Paoletti said.
Paoletti is a part of a long-term unemployed advocacy group called “Tier 5 to Survive-Unemployed Unite”, completed receiving all supplemental unemployment payment assistance, in March 2008. She also expressed disappointment in other groups that typically support causes for middle class job seekers but, have not properly lend a voice to the ‘99ers’.
“The unions such as AFL-CIO, Unemployed Workers and NELP have turned their back on us and offer nothing in the way of support to help us survive. This is just as inhumane as what Congress has done to us,” Paoletti stated.
President Obama stated during his Press Conference that the ‘compromise deal’ he made with the GOP,  is within the principles our country was founded upon.

“This country was founded on compromise. I could not go thought the front door on this country founding. If we are really thinking about idea positions, we wouldn’t have a union”, President Obama stated.

“My job is to make sure that have we have a North Star out there. What is helping the American people live out their lives. What is giving them more opportunity? What is growing the economy? What is making us more competitive?” Obama said.

That is the question. Was the ‘compromise’ President Obama made truly best for this countries’ economic position or the ‘99ers’? Some of the tax cuts were preserved were in the areas of child tax credits for $1000, college tax credits and the highly popular earned income tax credit.

But, S. 3706 would have provided a job creation credit of $2000 to all employers who hired the longest-term unemployed. In Senator Stabenow’s bill, there was no limit and/or cap on how many job creation tax credits that employers’ could receive.  

To specifically detail the job creation tax credits provided by S.3706, a large employer that hired 20 long-term jobless ‘99ers’ could have received at least $40,000 of credits against their 2010 and possibly 2011 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “Schedule C” tax return. 

This is addition to other notable deductions like numerous credits for equipment purchases, lease space, a $1000 in the HIRE Act, $5000 available in the Welfare to Work program and more.

When a clear examination of the credits that can be taken now in a Schedule ‘C’ form or would have been available in S.3706 to hire the longest-term unemployed, if the wealthy ‘job creators’ were committed to hiring the American Worker, President Obama should have included the Stabenow bill in the compromise.

Senator Stabenow office confirmed this afternoon, that the Senator is still committed to her ‘Tier V unemployment bill, S.3706 for the ‘99ers’.
“The Senator is still committed to her support of the long term unemployed”, stated Lauren a staffer for Stabenow’s Mid-Michigan Office.
At the end of the new conference, President Obama lectured Democrats and others that believe he does not stand by liberal or progressive policies that advocated during his campaign commitments to American Workers and Middle/Lower Classes.
“I do not think there is a single Democrat out there if they look at where I started when I came into office and look at where we are at now would say that somehow we have not moved into the direction that I promised”, President Obama stated.
“Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign. There is not a single thing that I said that I would do that I have either not done or trying to do it. And if I have not got it done yet, I am trying too’, he stated.

Still 6 Million and growing ‘99ers’ are left wondering what did President Obama ‘try to do’ for them, in the ‘compromise deal’ with Republicans. 

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