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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

White House Taking Questions on Unemployment/Job Creation; Jobless Rally in NYC

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The White House will answer questions
on unemployment/job creation though
Want to have your question about unemployment and job creation answered by the White House or, desire to participate in a upcoming rally on both pressing America issues? through their Keep America Working Program, will be posing a series of questions on both of the above noted issues, for the White House to answer. 

For the submission guidelines, Monster is requesting for interested parties to post their concern or questions on their “Monster Keep America Working" Facebook page.
“This is your opportunity to pose questions to the White House for responses back on what the administration is planning to do to jumpstart the economy and spur job growth", the administrator posted on their Facebook status.  
“Remember, the questions that spark the most engaging conversation and are “liked” the most by other members of our Facebook community will be delivered to the White House for response", written by the page administrator.
Monster's Keep America Working page will be open to questions through November 14th.  Next actions are that an selection number of the questions will be presented to the Obama administration to answer. The question and answer session will be then videotaped, and available for viewing online in the coming weeks.

Also, if you are near the New York City area, the unemployment advocacy group "Flash Mobs 4 Jobs" will be stating a rally on Friday, November 12th, from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM at 75 Varick Street, in New York City, NY.

The groups' focus is to have Congress pass S.3706 “The Americans Want To Work” act, sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) during the Lame-Duck session of Congress, starting on Monday, November 15th

The legislation currently sits within the Senate Finance Committee after a block of an up or down vote on the Senate Floor September 28th, by lame-duck Senator George Lemieux (R-FL). Lemieux stated that his reasons for blocking a vote on the bill were due to deficit concerns.

The Americans Want to Work Act” bill would provide up to 20 additional weeks of supplemental unemployment insurance income, creating a Tier V benefit. In addition, the bill would provide a $2000 tax credit incentive for employers to hire the long-term unemployed.

Up to 6 million unemployed America job seekers fall into this group, which have exhausted up to 73-99 weeks of benefits, depending on their individual state unemployment rate. Many others, self-termed 99ers, in this group have been without any form of additional benefits or income since April of 2010.

If Congress does not extend the current unemployment benefits for Tier I-IV, HR-4213-“The Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010, before November 30th,  it is estimated that over 5 million unemployment job seekers will be cut off from immediately from the supplemental benefit and another 15 million will lose benefits by January 2011.

President Obama, at a November 3rd Press Conference, stated his support for extending the current unemployment benefits for Tiers I-IV but, did not comment in anyway, about extending a Fifth Tier to the current level of unemployment compensation.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you have questions that you prefer to ask the White House about unemployment and job creation? If so, what are they and, what answers do you want to have? Are you attending the rally in New York City on November 12th? Feel free to comment on this story below!
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