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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What? My benefits are exhausted?

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Guest Post by Jeff Lors
My benefits are exhausted! The company in Los Angeles I had worked for El Grande Supermarket has reported my earnings and I have exhausted them! 

Wait, wait, wait, ElGrande? I am an unemployed ESL Teacher in Arizona. The lady at Arizona Department of Economic Security politely informs me that no I worked for El Grande! They have reported and paid into my unemployment and Social Security!

I rush to the Social Security office and sure enough someone has been kind enough to pay into my Social Security. Problem is they never paid the taxes! 
Identity Theft in reverse is a little known crime and while one might have the proof – the IRS is not listening! 

Arizona Department of Economic Security requires one to write a letter disclaiming any and all wages earned that are not your own.

The Social Security office will sell you all the documents to prove you worked, paid, where and when; starting at $15.00. The IRS does not care they just want back taxes owed.

Hiring an accountant and a lawyer seems far-fetched especially when you are struggling to make your mortgage and car payments but, the accountant is indispensable. You can request documents from the IRS, Department of Economic Security, and Social Security and try to piece together this odd form of identity theft. It does seem odd that one must hire a lawyer to “go after the IRS”.

Look closely at your employer list and question anything that is not 100% correct!  I do not fault the individual I would like our government to prosecute the company that perpetrated the fraud and did not verify documents.
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