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Friday, November 5, 2010

Unfair and Non-Balanced; Fox News Says "FEAR the 99ers, Unemployed"

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According to Fox News "Follow The
Money" host Eric Bolling, 99ers &
unemployed are gun-carrying crazy
Do you believe that the unemployed are to be feared? Well, if you are a commentator, producer or talking head panelist on Fox News, views portraying America’s unemployed job seekers as violent, gun-carrying crazies, are very appropriate and necessary.

On November 3, two 99er unemployed advocates Wendy Ashley - moderator of Unemployment States of America grass-root group and Rhonda Taylor-a tireless unemployment activist, were guests on the Fox News “Follow the Money” program hosted by Eric Bolling.

On the "Reach Out Job Search Radio Show" November 4, host Monica Ross-Williams spoke to Ms. Ashley and Taylor about their appearance on the program. Originally, both ladies were told by a Fox News producer that the topic of the appearance would be regarding the recent story surrounding the state of Indiana hiring armed guards to protect unemployment offices, if federal extended jobless benefits expire on November 30.

Instead of staying on the agreed upon topic manner, Follow the Money host Eric Bolling took a flying leap within the introduction of the interview.

“More desperate people are going to be out of work…with millions losing benefits before the holidays, should we FEAR the 99ers losing control?,” Bolling stated in the video.

Remember, the point of the interview from Ms. Ashley’s and Taylor’s point of view was to discuss Indiana’s decision to hire armed guards to protect their state jobless offices, to the tune of 1 Million dollars; not the unemployed losing any type of “control”.

Bolling was seriously underprepared for the interview by the time he asked his first question of Taylor. He inquried if she was going to be a 99er, in his initial question. For the correction, Ms Taylor has been without any unemployment benefits for the last eight months, according to her.

Next, instead of acknowledging his mistake or lack of research before the interview on Ms. Taylor’s unemployment situation, he turned into attack mode on her, by inquiring about her personal business, on if she carried a firearm.

“Do you have a gun?” Bolling asked.

Taylor’s facial expression to the question would best be described as extreme shock and awe.
“No, never had a gun in my life,” Taylor cited.

Ms. Ashley, who is an unemployed resident of the state of Indiana, also quickly replied back to Bolling highly appropriate question.

“Yeah, I am frustrated but, not enough to go shoot up an unemployment office,” Ashley replied.

It was obvious that host Bolling did not receive the answer he wanted from either one of the 99er advocates so; he turned to the Fox News Panel guest Bo Dietl with a question.

“Umm, then why are they hiring armed guards to stand in front of these unemployment offices if Wendy and Rhonda say it is not that big of a deal,” Bolling stated.
“We hope everybody peace loving. We hope they do not result to violence.  But the clear facts are Christmas is coming up and you cannot buy your kids toys. Emotions run real, real high, Dietl stated.” “When people look at things, people that do not ordinarily steal will try to steal. People that would embezzle will try embezzling, to get that money. This is a bad time to be out of work with no money coming…they do need armed guards!”
Point of note is behind panelist Bo Ditel head was a sign, which had a black background, with bolded large white lettering that stated, “Fear of the 99ers”. A laymen viewer of Fox News would think that the 99ers or unemployment Americans, after listening to Ditel’s set up statement and looking at the sign, indeed gun carrying, violent crazy folks that are going to rob homes for Christmas toys and steal money.

View the entire video segment below

To call this “set-up” by Fox News insulting to both Taylor and Ashley would be an understatement. In fact, the way the so-called news resource described unemployed Americans would be highly inaccurate and downright criminal. Many 99ers have been without any form of supplemental income assistance, since first the expiration date of the Tier IV benefit, in March 2010.

During this time Advocates such as Taylor, Ashley, Facebook Groups - Extend Unemployment Benefits, The 99ers Need a Tier V Added to Unemployment Benefits, US Unemployed, Unemployment Americans, websites - Unemployed States of America, Unemployed Workers Action Group and the grassroots group American 99ers' Union just to name a few; have worked in a non-violent manner to have S3706-The Americans Want To Work Act, passed.

The bill sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) would add 20 additional weeks to extended unemployment benefits and, provide a $2000 tax credit to employers to hire the long-termed jobless. Currently, the bill sits within the Senate Finance Committee, after a filibuster of a up or down vote by Senator George LeMieux (R-FL) on September 28, citing deficit concerns.

Listen to Wendy Ashley and Rhonda Taylor Discuss Their Views on the Fox News Segment on the “Reach Out Job Search” radio program starting 86 SECTIONS & 30 MINUTE MARK of the program, here 

Instead of Fox News and its’ “Follow the Money” host Eric Bolling taking the proper time to learn about the true nature of the 99er movement and unemployed Americans, they decided to spin the issue into a fear campaign. Actions such of these should not be allowed to go unchecked within the media. It is wrong and reflects the sad nature of mis-information that is taken into the minds of the American public, at large.

What are your thoughts on this article. Do you think Fox News should be called to the carpet for presenting the unemployed as violent, gun carrying crazies? Feel free to comment on this story!

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