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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Unequal Treatment; Scarborough 2010 Political Donations in Question with Olbermann's Suspension

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Three different political donations and a
campaign appearance is OK for MSNBC's
"Morning Joe" program host Joe Scarborough;
but not for Keith Olbermann?
More news is breaking on Keith Olbermann being  "indefinitely” suspended from MSNBC without pay, on November 5th. It turns out what is good for Joe Scarbrough, is not good in return, for Mr. Olbermann. 

We at “Reach Out Job Search” blog and radio show, wonder if network President Phil Griffin, knew about a questionable monetary policital donation of another one of the station anchors, in 2010, prior to suspending Keith Olbermann?

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough has given more than thpreviously reported donations in 2006,  discussed by network co-host Rachel Maddow, during her November 5th commentary about Mr. Olbermann’s suspension. Politico Ken Vogel happened to unearth another donation of Scarborough, to a Republican candidate.

It turns out that this policital based, monetary donation was made in April 2010 for $5,000 for a Republican candidate in Alabama, by Scarborough. This is on top of the reported 2006 contribution of $4,200 to former GOP candidate for the U.S. House from Oregon Derrick Kitts. 

Reviewing the math of both donations of Scarborough's, it would appear that he has given at least $9,400 Republican candidates as an MSNBC host; which just happens to be more than the amounts that led to Keith Olbermann's suspension by President Phil Griffin.

The story does not stop at just monetary donations for Joe Scarbrough either. In the article, Vogel points out in August 2010, Scarborough traveled to Alabama to headline a fundraiser for the county Republican Committee, where he made his contribution.

UPDATE @ 4:08 AM EST 11/7/2010- Oh, and by the way, Joe Scarborough likes to travel around the country, as an MSNBC host, stumping on behalf of Republican candidates or committees. Look at this little known January 2008 story via the Dallas Morning News; on Scarborough at yet ANOTHER fundraiser with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris.

"It's unlike anything I've ever seen – and from Republicans," the Des Moines resident said via the January 2, 2008, Dallas Morning News article.
Voters may or may not elect former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee president. But say this about the man: He throws one devil of a party – especially for an ordained Southern Baptist minister running for the presidential nomination of a party more closely associated with country clubs than dance halls.
Then Mr. Huckabee showed up with a bass guitar. And a band, with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on rhythm guitar. And they started playing "Sweet Home Alabama ." Mr. Norris stood to the side, hands in bluejeans pockets, bopping to the beat. The scene would be like a bad acid trip for a diehard Democrat."
ANOTHER UPDATE- Via You Tube @ 5:11AM EST 11/7/2010 - Things that make you go ummm.... From March 2, 2008 "Morning Joe" Program. Guess who was there and guess who interviewed him?

Wasn't Scarborough's "on-the-GOP-stump" rhythm guitar playing with former GOP Presidential candidate Huckabee occur, during the last election cycle? Now, all we did to find out this "non-impartial" information, was a simple Google Search. Wonder does MSNBC's President Phil Griffin, knows how to Google or You Tube?

Does this sound a little Sarah Palin like?

Reviewing the above vertified information, one would have to assume that Phil Griffin's decision to suspend Keith Olbermann but not Joe Scarborough was indeed motivated by personal or political factors. After all, Scarborough not only has contributed more money than Olbermann but he has taken the additional step of headlining fundraisers.

Remember, the "policy" that Phil Griffin stated was violated by Keith Olbermann, was all MSNBC hosts, via their contract agreements, could not donate any political contributions to any political candidate; without first notifying the “powers-that-be” at MSNBC.

Well, we are unsure how the “policy” is defined, look at the above information. 

First, the policy in question does not appear to apply to MSNBC at all, as it was mandated for the networks, "impartial journalists" on NBC News' staff.  None of the viewing public who listens to and/or views, “Countdown with Keith Olbemann or “Morning Joe" with Scarborough and Mika Brezezinski; would believe that either one of the hosts are “impartial”.

Definition of "Impartial" via Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary - "not partial or biased : treating or affecting all equally".

Both gentlemen are clearly opinion based show hosts, with Olbermann displaying a Liberal and/or Progressive point of view and Scarborough with a Moderate Conservative view. As the Phil Griffin's understanding of the word "impartial", much remains to be seen.

Another important point is that if the policy - now in question - did apply at all. 

Let's assume that Scarborough did ask for permission prior to attending the political event and/or making the donation. Even so, a laymen person would conclude that these types of donations are permissible at MSNBC.

Does MSNBC to allow Republican donations but not Democratic donations? Does the policy allow for broad interpretation, at will, on behalf of President Phil Griffin?  

Looking at the growing body of evidence, it is quickly becoming clear that Phil Griffin's decision was the wrong one and, the action was motivated by reasons which would only be known, to him.

Either way, unfair and unequal actions such as the Keith Olbermann suspension, while another MSNBC host can do the similar actions - at an additional level - and still be receiving a paycheck with no "workplace actions" being taken him, is questionable at best and discriminatory at worst.

Disclaimer- Please use the following resources noted in this article, to support Keith Olbermann  rightful return back to work immediately, with backpay. Also, feel free to tweet this article and use the hashtags #supportkeitho #westandwithkeitho or #boycottMSNBC. Thanks!

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you believe it is fair for MSNBC's President Phil Griffin to continue suspending Keith Olbermann, while Joe Scarborough remains on his job? Do you think K.O. has a lawsuit in the making? Feel free to comment on this story below!
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