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Monday, November 22, 2010

Still too Many Job Losses; States the President

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...                                            Image via WikipediaGuest Post By Samantha Andrus

The President is now starting to notice all of the job losses recently, and has stated that he needs to find away to come out of the recession that has us in such a tight grip. More, better paying jobs around the country are exactly what we need to get over these humps we have been on for awhile now.

The President is searching out other options that are out there to get us out of this slump, and put us right back on track where we once were. He also states that former republicans have been focusing too much on other foreign countries, rather than focusing on our own.

Unemployment has now gone to a whopping 9.7% which is as high as it has been since 1983. This is going to become a problem with the unemployment rate so high. There is not going to be enough money going around to support families, banks will become bankrupt, and families will have nowhere to turn too when they cannot pay their mortgage or rental payments.

There were 345,000 job losses in October alone. This is a large amount of unemployed individuals. A lot of companies cannot help but lay their workers off since they too, are being affected by the recession.

Focusing on your own problems, and trying to make ends meet can be hard enough, not being able to get a job and care for your children correctly are one of the many things weighing on people’s conscious’s as times move ahead. Although the stimulus might have helped a bit, it doesn’t mean that the world will come together. A lot of companies are still going out of business, and a lot of people are getting laid off day by day.

It all depends on what the President does to help us out of it. We can only hope we get the help we need when it comes to finding a job, and relating to others around us for a strong support system during times of need.

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