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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Part time work while on Unemployment

A popular question in today's society as seen on one of my favorite new networks Sodahead which gives free speech an all new twist! Employers often don't want to hire someone for a low-paying job whom they think will leave that employer as soon as something better comes up. Sometimes at Christmas the need for short term employment might outweigh the cost benefit. Look closely and weigh everything before working through Christmas!

Christmas jobs, Christmas hiring and swamped malls and outlets are a great place to get temporary work but at what cost? A friend just took a job at an upscale mall for 15 – 20 hours a week and is paid minimum wage. She was worried that it would affect her unemployment check because she was making $146 dollars a week. She filed her first unemployment claim and noted that the question read “ have you returned to full time work?” she said no and filled in her employment claim. The Unemployment Office deducted the $146 from the $250 she received weekly and then added $35.00 dollars and she received $139 to equal her $250 dollar unemployment benefit!

I asked her why she was willing to lose money? She looked perplexed. I asked her how much money she spent weekly commuting to her job and how much time she lost trying to look for a job that was commensurate with her earning potential. She drove 21 miles to and from work four days a week at .52 cents per mile for a cost of $43.68 she could subtract from the $250 dollar unemployment benefit. She lost money for working over Christmas and lost valuable time when she could have been searching for a better job! Worse yet, she was paying tax on the $146 dollars a week and so she was really losing money. Do the math

Hold out and be honest with your unemployment don't settle for a low income job, do the math and figure if it is worth it in the long run. The long run would be if this temporary job would allow or provide for advancement within the company - if the long-shot is worth it - go for it!

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