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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jobs, Outsourcing, Politics of Confusion

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Guest Post By Lori Montgomery

Tuesday, September 28, 2010; 11:53 PM
The latest jobs bill from Senate Democrats - a plan to punish firms that ship jobs overseas - failed to clear a key procedural hurdle Tuesday after even some Democrats complained that the measure would hamper the ability of U.S. companies to compete in foreign markets.

Sometimes I wonder if the parties really matter? I hear the hoopla from the “Tea Party” and from the far right, far left, and middle of the road party! I hear that since we have a “black president” it would bode well for minorities. It would loosen the proverbial purse strings on monies to help poverty stricken America!

Now we have consensus from all parties on shipping jobs over seas. For a guy outa work it is so frustrating to see that right after mid-term elections when everything is supposed to change nothing changes. Fatalistic? Or just accept it and move on? It just poses so many questions. So, I would like to digress.

My father got a call on his American made 2002 Toyota Tacoma. He was asked to come to the dealership and take the three hit to the frame test. They take a hammer and hit the frame three times and if it goes through they replace the frame. Quite a costly repair for a eight year old truck. They hit the frame and it went through the first time and my dad was happy because everything was replaced! But the point of the matter is Toyota shipped those jobs “overseas”. We ship jobs overseas! 

We rail against “Illegal Mexicans” coming into our country. It is all about jobs and who will do what. Does this mean that since Toyota shipped their American vehicle industry to America the quality went down and since Ford is made in Mexico and has brand loyalty and sales out the roof that we should open our borders?
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