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Monday, November 15, 2010

Informational Posting- The status of the Reach Out Job Search Blog/Radio Show

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This is informational blog posting

Reach Out Job Search is a News Blog, devoted on causes impacting unemployed, underemployed and job seekers nationwide, on thought-invoking issues, resources and materials. At this time are not associated with any other entity, with the exception of the Blogger Platform, Google News and the Reach Out Job Search Blog/Radio Show.

Currently, a Facebook Fan Page is linked on this News Blog, which is located to the right hand side of this page. This Facebook Fan Page will be shutting down, in the near future, to reflect the title “Reach Out Job Search” Blog and Radio Show. Our reasons for taken this action are to properly reflect both our business/resource name to our readers.

Noting all of the above, on occasion, we will be adding (with credit) articles we produce (with permission) at other resources. Other articles that we write cannot be linked in any format to this News Blog due to contractual agreements with that entity. Feel free to search any of our writers’ names, to read other written works that cannot be included here.

Thank you for continuing to support the “Reach Out Job Search” blog and radio show. Subscribe to our RSS Feed to receive the latest articles/podcasts on News, supplied at this resource.

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