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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Growing Network of Online Support Groups Work to Assist the Unemployed

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Support Groups, offering positive thinking,
resources and assistance to the connect
with others who are unemployed or
Want to connect with others who are unemployed or underemployed, who seek a supportive environment on a situation effecting up to 30 Million American Job Seekers? 

Two Facebook based unemployed advocacy groups Extend Unemployment Benefits – managed by Brian Yegle and one focus on the cause of 99ers named - The 99ers need a Tier V added to Unemployment Benefits, are excellent groups to engage within.

Extend Unemployment Benefits” and “The 99ers need a Tier V added to Unemployment Benefits” provide daily updates on articles, news, advocacy causes and more, which impact the jobless or unemployed.

In addition, two other growing websites - Unemployed States of America (USOA) and Unemployed Workers Action Group (UWAG) work to support causes, rallies and resources to assist with the passage of various Federal and State unemployment based legislation. UWAG is managed by unemployment advocate Michael White.

USOA is managed by a series of moderators, including Wendy Ashley, who recently appeared on the Reach Out Job Search Radio show on November 4th. Ms. Ashley was a part of a segment, on Fox News Business Channel on Nov. 3, with fellow unemployment advocate Rhonda Taylor, strongly defending the 99ers as not being presented as violent or angry unemployed job seekers.

Unemployed States of America also operates podcast radio show, named “What Are They Thinking” on Blog Talk Radio on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, 4:00pm CST.

Recently, new website has just launched with the goal assisting those who are unemployed or underemployed share to their experiences, gain advice and network with others, in the same situation. Possibilitive – a term that combines the words possible and positive – is a one-stop resource for the unemployed.

The purposes of website, focus on providing a positive community where members share employment information, unemployment issue and ask for help. 

Other resources available at the site, include information on savings deals, in the local community, locations on where to find the cheapest gas, subgroup to share ideas on how to save money and a job search board, to find opportunities to return back to work.  

Website members can even find sources on free or low-cost entertainment, to maintain a positive outlook while looking for new employment opportunities.

Similar to the “Reach Out Job Search” Radio also uses the growing communication resource of blogging, to assist members with tips/advice on the interview process, how to update your employment skills, setting up for success at job fairs and, provides resources to maintain while being unemployed with offering resources on free or low-cost entertainment.

If you are unemployed, unemployed or a 99er, join into one or more of the support Extend Unemployment Benefits, The 99ers Need a Tier V Added to Unemployment Benefits, Unemployed States of America, Unemployed Workers Action Group or Possibilitive.

What are your thoughts on this article? Will you look into or join one of more of these groups? Feel free to comment on this story!
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