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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fall of the America Middle Class; Do You Support Your Brother/Sister?

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How long will we continue to ignore
the call of the unemployed 99ers? 
Usually, we at the "Reach Out Job Search" blog do not write this late in the evening. On this occasion, we are making an exception. 

It is high time that members of the main-stream media jump onto the call to extend some form of monetary and true job placement assistance for the 99ers. It is past time for President Barack Obama, who many unemployed job seekers, in this country, elected to be a representative of their ideas in November 2009, to use his “bully pulpit” and support those, who supported him.

The clock has broken on Congressional Representatives in GOP whom believe that playing games and making ill-informed sound-bites on behalf of the unemployed, is more important than fixing the actual issue of employment in America.

What is the issue? Well, for those who seem not to understand, are willing to listen or do not care; people that have paid taxes for years, in this great country, are suffering by no fault of their own. 

They did not choose to be in the position of literally begging, the leadership in this country to stay financially afloat. Unemployed job seekers are proud individuals, who sadly came into work at a former employer, received the famous "pink slip" or layoff notice and now are praying to pay bills for the next month, week or day.

For these reasons alone, the unemployed are now lumped into categories such as: "charity cases" for some, "lazy individuals" for others and "drug addicts" for the seriously ill-informed few. The latter, include sadly Congressional leadership that beyond belief, was elected by a majority of citizens to represent the poor, middle and wealthy classes of their state. Shocking to say the least....

A great society is measured in history by its' ability to assist a hand to ones' trying to gain a step up from the darkness. The darkness is the state of unemployment and class warfare, in this country. 

What is the assistance? Willingness to do what one can to assist another, during a time of need.

Employers -Instead of wondering why a 50 year old have been unemployed for the past two years, try starting an interview conversation with asking the interviewee to highlight the wisdom gained while working in previous positions over the years?

Lawmakers- Stop only dealing with the "bare-bones" ideas, adding three to four months of unemployment benefits - knowing full well that this issue will be before the body again, in a short time period and instead, try passing the supplemental income assistance for at least year. Then come up with TRUE job creation mandates and concrete idea to help the unemployed return BACK, to employed citizens, in this economy.

The Wealthy- All laws of economic theory state in part that unless the bottom 85% generate enough revenue to spend on your products, ideas, concepts, marketing ploys and the like; overtime,  no manner how much money you have on hand, the lessons of economic "flow" will not allow for you to maintain “your” standard of living in the long-term.

In just, if not one has money to spend, the wealthy cannot continue to maintain....wealthy. Eventually, the top 15 percentor’s lifestyles will began to fall. 

Meanwhile, while we wait as an "American Society" to help our fellow Brother or Sister, some former middle class unemployed job seekers, decided they have waited long enough for us to care. 

To full provide insight on this statement, "Reach Out Job Search" urge you to visit the link provided below to writer Kelly Wiedemer -Denver Unemployment Examiner. Let's hope that America, our elected officials, the media and our President; will take notice to the story that Ms. Wiedemer has detailed in her piece. 

Will America notice their struggle or just continue to ignore? Time will tell....

What are your thoughts on this or Ms. Wiedemer's Article Feel free to comment on this story, below!
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