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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Extending Bush Tax Cuts and Jobless Benefits Are Top American Priorities; Poll Cites

President Barack Obama talks with White House ...Image via Wikipedia
President Obama, through White House
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, do not
agree with poll results, on the
importance of extending jobless
In a November 23rd Gallup Poll, Americans surveyed state that the extension of Federal Extended unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless, is an important priority for Congress to handle within the next Lame Duck Session of Congress. 

Specifically, the poll cites that 48 percent of respondents cite that it is “very important”, another 28 percent believe it is “somewhat important” and 24 percent state that the extension of unemployment benefits are either “not too/not important at all”.

Shockingly, in the same poll, a majority of Americans, 56 percent, say it is "very important" that Congress pass a bill that would prevent the estate tax from rising next year and 50 percent believe that an extension of the Bush tax cuts are “very important”. 

It should be noted that the extension of one or both of these programs would add to the growing Federal Deficit, which currently stands at 13.7 Trillion Dollars.

The same Gallup poll asked Americans the "importance for lame-duck Congress to complete action on each of the following before the end of the year." Survey respondents had six actions to choose from including the ones noted above. 

Within the survey, views among what is important for Congress to work in within the Lame-Duck session are mixed, with Republicans most concerned with the extension of the Bush Era Tax Cuts. For Democrats, passing an extension of federal unemployment benefits is their highest priority.

On November 3rd, President Obama stated within a nationality broadcast press conference, that passing unemployment benefits extension was a top priority of the White House, in the Lame-Duck session.
“It makes sense for us to extend unemployment insurance because, there are a lot of folks still out there hurting,” Obama communicated. Extending Unemployment insurance is the right thing to do for folks who are struggling in this economy. It is the right thing to do, as a whole."
Unfortunately, less than three weeks later and days after Congress failed to pass "HR-6419-Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act" on November 18th; the White House has changed its’ priorities, according to an November 22nd article on the

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs stated within the Press Briefing that passing the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty was the highest priority for Congress. Next on the White House agenda is addressing tax cuts and repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” as part of the defense authorization bill.

What are your thoughts on this article? Is extending Bush Era Tax Cuts and the Estate Tax more important than the extension of Unemployment Benefits? How do you feel on the White House clear "flip-flop" on the jobless benefits extension? Feel free to comment on this story below!
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