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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board, Mass. Senator Scott Brown Block First Vote on S.3981

Scott Brown, Republican U.S. Senator represent...Image via Wikipedia
Senator Scott Brown (R-MA)
joins the line of Republicans
saying "NO" to America's
unemployed job seekers
"Reach Out Job Search" blog would like to thank the unemployment advocate group Facebook Group-  "Extend Unemployment Benefits" for providing this update on the vote on S.3981 below.  

"Republican Moderate Senator Scott Brown (Mass.) (who was elected to the late Senator Teddy Kennedy seat) has blocked an initial "suspension of the rules" vote on S. 3981 – “A Bill to Provide for a Temporary Extension of Unemployment Insurance Provisions".

UPDATE at 8:00 PM-Yahoo News via Reuters has provided quote from to this story at 7:40 pm, from Senator Scott Brown on why he blocked the measure.

"It's not the way to do business in the United States Senate, and if it is it needs to change," Brown said. "We just found out today, or late yesterday, that we were even going to talk about this," Senator Brown told Reuters

One also would have to assume that Senator Brown was absent or not available during the September 28th vote in the chamber on S.3706, to think that a unemployment extension vote was not going to occur during in the lame-duck session of Congress.

Regardless, now the bill either will either renegotiated with the opposing Republicans for another vote later or, the measure would have to return back to the Senate Finance Committee for re-wording and compromise.

Up to 800,000 unemployed job seekers will lose all claims to Federally extended unemployment insurance, after their initial state based 26 weeks of supplemental income benefits, at Midnight tonight. Another 1.2 million American jobless claimants will lose benefits, up and until the end of December 31, 2010.

All 2 Million of the newly exhausted jobless will join up to 6 million 99ers (individuals who have exhausted between 73-99 weeks of benefits), if Congress does not renew one of the unemployment extension bills HR-6419 or S. 3981, by the end of this year.

Sadly the new exhausted jobless do not have a great track record to look forward to in Congress; with passing the either of the above noted bills, in the upcoming GOP controlled House or with the 9 gain seats in the Senate, by the minority party. 

Specifically, legislation to assist the 99ers - 3706 - "The Americans Want to Work Act", sits in the Senate Finance Committee after a September 28th single filibuster vote by lame-duck Senator George Lemieux (R-FL).

In other similarly important news, President Obama's Economic Spokesman Austin Goolsbee, responded to the Environmentalist Publisher and Editor - Janet Ritz- about her specific 99er related question sent via - Keep America Working Facebook page- to the White House

Specifically, Ms. Ritz's question inquired why President Obama continues to ignore the plight of up to 6 Million "99ers" American unemployed job seekers. Ms. Ritz also asked for the White House response to the issues of age discrimination and the mortgage crisis.

Instead of receiving a direct response to her answers from the White House, Ms. Ritz received what the "Reach Out Job Search" blog will call, "Useless Spin, not addressing concretely any of her questionsFeel free to judge for yourself, as the link for Janet Ritz's Huffington Post article, is below.

What are your thoughts on this article? Are you surprised by the lone stance of Senator Scott Brown on blocking S. 3981 for an up or down vote in the Senate? How to you feel the response to Janet Ritz's question, by White House spokesperson Austin Goolsbee? Specifically, do you feel addressed Ms. Ritz's questions about the 99ers, age discrimination or the mortgage crisis, at all?  Feel free to comment on this story, below!
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