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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guests Jim Villwock and Carl Nielson on "Reach Out Job Search" Radio 11/4 at 6PM

Toshiba Vacuum_tube Radio model6SC-19 Product ...                                    Image via Wikipedia                        Jim Villwock and Carl Nelson                         appear as Guests on "Reach                        Out Job Search" radio show                         11/4 @ 6PM 
Tune into our Thursday, November 4 "Reach Out Job Search" radio show @ 6pm to find out “If Your Behaviors Holding Back Your Next Job?”

Our first guest is Jim Villwock, Founder and Chief Job Doctor of Job Doctors International. As an intrapreneur, an entrepreneur, and a jobpreneur; Mr. Villwock is the author of two highly reviewed books -Whacked Again! and Jobpreneur 101

His approach, experience and work with executives in transition set him apart from the traditional career coach.  

In addition, as the creator of Jobpreneurship™ Mr. Villwock’s combines personal development with best of breed business sales and marketing techniques for getting jobs, improving careers, and growing businesses.

Mr. Villwock will discuss how to use his proven career search methodology, to gain new employment opportunities, starting at 6:00 PM.  Listeners can call in with questions at 347-934-0185, link directly our show on the “Reach Out Job Search” blog or our Blog Talk Radio Page.

On the second half of the “Reach Out Job Search” radio show @ 7:00 PM, Carl Nielson Managing Principal of The Nielson Group and Founder and Chief Discovery Officer of Success Discoveries, a coaching services organization that offers career and job search links for adults in career transition, will appear as our guest.

Mr. Nielson is an widely recognized for his ability to combine his experience and training to meet the unique needs of each client in personal and professional growth. He began "coaching" as part of his independent consulting in 2003 when he founded Success Discoveries. His consulting practice, The Nielson Group was launched in 1998 to help organizations turn work groups into high performing teams and implement better hiring strategies. 

As the owner of two top companies, Mr. Nielson will discuss if underlying personality traits are impacting your job search. 

To call in with questions for Mr. Nielson beginning at 7:00 PM, radio listeners can contact 347-934-0185 and/or link directly our show at the “Reach Out Job Search” blog or Blog Talk Radio Page.

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