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Friday, October 22, 2010

State-by-State Unemployment Rates Either Improves Slightly or Held Steady, in September

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While some state-by-state unemployment
rates improves, many Americans still
wait for an opportunity for employment 
The Bureau of Labor Statistics state-to-state unemployment report released on October 22 showed either jobless rates either improved or either held steady in September. In addition, 23 states and the District of Columbia reporting lower unemployment rates, and Illinois and Mississippi slipping below the 10% point.

Unemployment rates increased in 11 states last month, according to Labor Department data released Friday. That was a sharp decline from the 27 states that reported higher unemployment rates in August. The department said 16 states had no change.

The national rate held steady for the third straight month at 9.6 percent.

Nevada had the highest rate for the fifth month in a row, holding steady at 14.4 percent. Michigan was second at 13 percent, followed by California at 12.4 percent, Florida at 11.9 percent, Rhode Island at 11.5 and South Carolina at 11 percent, respectfully. Eleven states stood at 10 percent or over, down from 13 states in August.

Massachusetts posted the biggest drop in its jobless rate, down 0.4 percentage point to 8.4 percent. West Virginia reported the largest increase, up 0.4 to 9.2 percent.

North Dakota continued to register the lowest jobless rate, 3.7 percent, followed by South Dakota with 4.4 percent and Nebraska with 4.6 percent.

It is estimated that 1.2 Million jobless Americans will lose extended unemployment benefits, provided by H.R.-4213 "The Unemployment Act of 2010"; if Congress fails to re-authorize the bill during the Lame Duck session, after the elections. 

Another 6 Million unemployed American job seekers, known as 99ers (jobless individuals who exhausted between 73-99 weeks of unemployment benefits) have been without any unemployment compensation since April 2010. 

The group is advocating S.3706 "The Americans Want to Work Act" legislation, sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), which would add 20 weeks of supplemental payments and offer a $2000 tax credit for employers that hire, the long-term unemployed. 

The bill currently is awaiting action in the Lame Duck Session starting the week of November 8, after Senator George LeMieux (R-FL) blocked a up or down vote on the bill, September 28.
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