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Monday, October 4, 2010

One Nation Working Together Rally-10-2-2010; "Reach Out Job Search" on the ground recap

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The One Nation Working Together event on Saturday, October 2, 2010, was a very exciting and uplifting opportunity to connect with individuals from across the country. 

Estimation on the total attendance of progressives, liberals and independents from across the county, reached easily into the 300,000-400,000 range. The crowds filled around the Lincoln Memorial stage, lawn areas on both sides of the reflecting pool, all the way back to the Washington Memorial

One of the many buses that were charted to Washington, D.C., from the Detroit, Michigan area was sponsored by the Detroit Branch of the NAACP and the Democratic Socialists of America-Detroit Chapter. Each of the three buses available where full with people from a variety of social economic backgrounds, ethicizes and ages.

A group of students from Madonna College from the BAMN grassroots organization (By Any Means Necessary) talked about their excitement on attending the event. One young African-American gentleman from this group spoke on his experience attending six previous rallies on various demonstration and/or liberal causes:

“This is the sixth event I have attended and I am honored to have the opportunity to go to One Nation, for the speeches and coming together of a variety of different groups coming, that will accept me,” the young man stated.

Driving to the location, the Bus Captain Sam, played the movie Capitalism-A Love Story, by local documentary film maker Michael Moore, to have the riders remember the harm that was done to our economic condition by the greed of Wall Street; which lead to the current foreclosure, unemployment, local neighborhood desecration and retirement savings destruction that middle and lower class Americans, are facing today.

Another rider of memory was a 65 year old Jewish woman from Waterford, Michigan. She encouraged riders during the bus travels to vote for Michigan’s Governor Candidate Virg Bernero.

“We have to get out the vote and support Virg in this upcoming election and defy what the polls are stating in Michigan”, she stated. “We cannot give up the opportunity to stop the process that Democrats like Governor Granholm have made in our state….Rick Snyder will not support us.”

As the buses pulled up to park, in RFK Stadium, a One Nation Delegate from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) quickly greed the group to give directions to the Metro and where riders could obtain “All Day Passes” to ride the subway.  The group was both encouraged and excited to get to the rally location and take part in the many events of the day.
One of the first organizations to meet attendees walking off the bus for the mile long walk to the Metro entrance location was the Union of Employed, known as “U3”. 

The group welcomed the arrival of people from across the nation, including New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, North/South Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa and as far away as Colorado.

U3 volunteers gave away T-Shirts, signs of support for the 30 million unemployed and underemployed Americans and highly popular orange strips that stated, “Bite Back, I Am Voting.” Speakers at the podium sat up near the U3 staged area; spoke on the need for all of the unemployed to vote, in the upcoming election November 2.

“We have to continue our fight. One way we must do this is to take part and vote to elect the candidates that have continued to support us”, the speaker called out to the crowd listening. 

An overhead video feed played pictures and quotes from Republican elected representatives like Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), in which he compared the unemployed to drug addicts, to define what he was not supporting extending the supplemental income payments to the jobless across the United States.

After arriving on the strip to walk to the National Mall location, the mass of people across the county that came out in attendance for this cause became more revealing. Sidewalks were bumper to bumper with individuals calling out various rallying phrases like “Jobs Now”, “We will stand together for all Americans.” “End student loan debt in America” and “End America’s foreclosure crisis, right now!”

The view of the Washington Memorial was breathtaking as many walkers took a silent note of one of the largest structure for the nations’ peace on the Mall. Walkers flocked over to the beautiful World War II Memorial to take pictures of the waterfalls and besides one of the 50 individual structure wreaths, with the names of their states.

As the Mall lawn began to fill, Union organizations like the Nation Education Association (NEA), United Auto Workers (UAW), American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), United Steel Workers (USW), National Council of La Raza (NCLR), International Longshoremen Association (ILA) and more, were well represented; with hundreds of thousands of members of the groups carrying flags and signs with calls of support for the working classes, in America.

Reporters from around the world also began to fill the Mall. News resources from C-SPAN, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Austria, Mexico, Pakistan, Italy, China, England, Russia and more walked among the crowd to ask questions on why attendees choose to come to the One Nation Working Together Rally.

“I came out to support the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender communities”, stated one gentlemen from Maryland. “We want to have equally for the rights to marry, across this United States”, he stated to the news crew from Italy. “No one should have to suffer and hide in this country, because of whom they choose to build a life with.”

Inspiriting signs outlined the mall for all to see, stating “Thank You Obama, for saving jobs with the stimulus”, “Stand against War and Racism, Jobs not War” with an image of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King from the Answer, “Stop the Racist Hate-Muslims are Welcomed Here”, “Fight Back Against Cut-Backs”, “Let’s Not Forget Who Caused this Mess-Vote”, “G.O.P. Says, “Let them eat cake”, “Progressives say healthcare for all, Civil Rights for All, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, No Endless War, Restore the Middle Class” and a sign from a Gentlemen from New York called “Traitors”.

The sign outlined leaders of the Tea Party, Republicans Leadership and Conservative figure heads like Sarah Palin, John Boehner (R-OH), Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh that in his opinion that have, “Betrayed America with their hateful speech, downgrade of average working Americans and used racial overtones to foster their brand of separation of class and race, in our nation.”

MSNBC personality and radio host Ed Schultz was the master of ceremonies for the first two hours of the rally after a warm introduction by the Urban-Nation Hip-Hop Choir
“One Nation, we are together. This march is about the power to the people! It is about the people standing up to the corporations”, Schultz stated.

Schultz asked the crowd of over estimated 400,000 attendees, “Are you ready to fight back? Are you ready to stand up for your brothers and sisters? It is a defying moment in America. Are you Americans? Do you love America?” to which the crowd loudly agreed on all points and questions.

Next, Schultz spoke directly to unemployed job seekers across the nation. For months, Ed Schultz on both his MSNBC “The Ed Show” and syndicated radio program “The Ed Schultz Show” has the causes of supporting unemployment extensions. Legislation includes H.R. 4213-Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010 – set to expire on November 30, 2010, for those under the up to 99 weeks or supplemental income payments.

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) sponsored a bill called “The Americans Want to Work Act” S. 3706 for the 99ers – unemployed job seekers that have exhausted between 73-99 weeks of additional income payments. The legislation was blocked from an up or down vote on the Senate floor by Senator George Lemieux (R-FL) on September 30.

“The Conservative voices of America, they are holding you down. They don’t believe in your freedom. They want the concentration of wealth. They shipped your job overseas. To our brothers and sisters who have fallen on hard time in this economic world, we stand with today as One Nation. To our brothers and sister who have seen their jobs go overseas, we will not let it happen, we will fight back as One Nation”, Schultz stated.

“Forty people in the United States Senate have held down the working men of America. Forty Republicans have decided to say no, while you see your jobs, go overseas,” Schultz rallied. “We cannot let that happen. We cannot give up on November 2. We have to stand behind the Progressive agenda, which is for the people.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton also spoke on an inspirational note to rally attendees, which many individuals in the crowd, in which were very impressed.

“We need American to deal with the issues of jobs.  We bailed out the banks. We bailed out the insurance companies. Now it is time to bail out the American people. We need to re-build the infrastructure and provide jobs and training for the American people. I hope people look at the Mall because this is what America looks like.

Sharpton called on individuals attending the rally, to vote in the upcoming Congressional elections, in an effort to pass, what he called the “Mid-Term Exams”.

“In four weeks, we will have mid-term exam. When we to go home, we have to hit the pavement, we have to knock on doors, we have to ring our church bells! We cannot stop in ’08; we have to get ready in ’10. From ’10 to ’11, we are going to pass the mid-term exams!” Sharpton stated.

Progressive Talk Show radio host Joe Madison, introduced legendary civil rights leader, singer and actor Harry Belafonte, reminded the crowd of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King call in 1963 for Americans to take part in voting.

“In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of this memorial and declare that this nation should come together and embrace its’ great ideas. He said that we should rally together and overcome injustice and racism”, Belafonte stated. “And that all citizens should not only have the right to vote but that we should exercise that right and make America whole.”

Belafonte spoke on our nations’ large prison population and the lack of employment opportunities available to this group, after returning to society.

“We have the largest prison population in the world. And as we industrialize these prison systems, we rob hundreds of thousands of workers of the jobs that they need and the wages that are rightful theirs”, Belafonte cited.

He also spoke on the true meaning of the Constitution of America and the rights that are being threaten to a majority of citizens by the acts of the Conservative “Tea Party” movement.

"The greatest threat of all is the unminding of our Constitution and the systematic attack against the rights enable of the citizens of this nation. Rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution. At the vanguard of this insidious attack is the Tea Party".Belafonte stated. "This band of misguided citizens is moving parsley close to achieving villainies ends. This gathering here today is Americans wake up call. The giant called Democracy is at last, stirring again."

Harry Belafonte also spoke to why it was important for attendees to encourage all Americans to vote, including the “No Vote” or “NOVO” movement, who are encouraging unemployed job seekers to vote against Democratic candidates, in the upcoming elections.

“We must awake the apathetic, the cynical, the many angry doubters who see their future as the perpetual hopelessness and show them that our greatest weapon is the vote and it is the answer to much that nag in us”, he stated.” On November 2 in the millions, we must overburden over voting booths, by voting against those who would see the nation become a totalitarian state.  Let us vote on November 2, for jobs, for jobs, for jobs, for peace, for justice, for human right for our children and for the future of America.”

Reach Out Job Search Blog Writer spoke to various attendees during and after the speeches to gain their insights about the rally as a whole.

“I was laid off in 2007 and my family has indeed suffered during this time”, stated a woman that attended the rally from Michigan. “But I am encouraged to go back into my community and be the beckon to fight for jobs and the right to vote,” she stated.
“We must not allow for the people in the Tea Party, to define what we are in this great nation of ours”, stated a gentlemen from Maryland. “Even though I am not unemployed currently, I believe that we have to take care of people that are suffering on behalf of this economy.”

“We are former teachers, that are starting a website in two weeks to promote products that are made in American called”, stated two individuals from Wisconsin. “We want to educate people that visit our website to support jobs here in this country by placing the commerce back into the hands of our hardworking citizens.”

“The economic injustice that have been placed upon this nation against the nation, over many years will take more than two years to fix”, stated a gentleman from New Jersey who is currently an unemployed 99er. “We cannot allow our anger over the bill (s3706) to take over common sense of who have supported us so far…. And that is not the Republicans who have stated no to everything the President have signed, which Congress have been able to pass for us.”

On the bus ride back to Detroit, although tired, Sam – the bus Captain called on everyone on bus 3 to call 20 voters, from the 2008 election to ask for them to vote on November 2. 

“We cannot forget what we had the opportunity to witness, today. I will ask for each of you to take two lists of ten names to call. Please tell them what you learned this afternoon by attending the One Nation rally. About the speeches you heard and about the number of citizens from across our nation that you spoke with, this afternoon”, Sam stated.

“We must tell them what they could not be here today to witness for themselves. This is a movement to each of us, the poor, the middle class, unemployed and all. With this movement we must vote to continue supporting us to allow our nation to move back to the dream that we know exist. Where all citizens are treated equitably and respectfully, and to use our vote to ensure these actions will take place. Will you stand with me?”

The entire bus stated a loud YES!, in agreement. 
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