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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Michigan's Governor Candidate Virg Bernero will Create Jobs, Former President Clinton Says

Former President Bill Clinton in Detroit
10/24 Endorsing Lansing Mayor &
Michigan's Gubernatorial Candidate
Virg Bernero (D)
Former President Bill Clinton strongly endorsed Michigan’s gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero (D), mayor of Lansing, Michigan, at Renaissance High School on October 24.

Along with President Clinton’s visit to the city, other Democratic candidates running for state wide office called for attendees support including, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton-for Attorney General, Wayne State University Professor and Attorney Jocelyn Benson-for Secretary of State, Justice Alton Thomas Davis and Oakland County Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris-for Michigan’s Supreme Court.

Clinton encouraged the audience of about 600 potential voters to review Virg Bernero’s positive job creation record as Lansing’s Mayor.
“His (Bernero’s) city is number one in economic and job growth in Michigan; seventh of all the metropolitan areas in the entire United States. He had a 40 million dollar deficit and closed it without raising taxes,” Clinton told the audience.
Recounting Bernero’s Make It In Michigan For Free proposal, Clinton vowed that the plan that would create jobs in the state by encourage manufacturing companies to move into deserted manufacturing facilities in the state with incentives.
“Any building any empty plant -If you will come to Michigan and open a plant, they (Bernero’s Plan) will give you building free, they reduce your taxes for twelve years and they help you obtain zero interest loans. This thing will work,” Clinton stated. 
Michigan’s September 2010 unemployment rate of 13 percent currently, the second highest in the country.

President Clinton recited Candidate Bernero’s plan to assist Michigan homeowners with restructuring mortgages to stop foreclosures. 
“He wants to stop the foreclosure and help people re-write their mortgages,” Clinton stated. “He’s got the program to do it.”
On education, Clinton spoke about Bernero’s desire to bring back the Michigan’s Promise Scholarship enacted by outgoing Governor Jennifer Granholm (D). The scholarship provided up to $4,000 towards post-secondary education at any approved Michigan institution to qualifying Michigan high school graduates. 
“He wants to bring back the Michigan Promise program to help young people go to college," said Clinton.
Roughly 100,000 university and community college students lost the scholarship in 2009-2010 when Granholm and lawmakers eliminated the $140 million program in the 2010 higher education budget.

Clinton talked about Michigan’s other gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder (R) - venture capitalist and former Gateway C.E.O – lack of manufacturing plan for the state known as the “Automobile Capital of the World; stating Snyder believes, “You really do not need manufacturing strategy because it is so yesterday.”
“I am telling you folks; that is not true. Now, I know something about jobs and it is not true. Our great opportunities to grow jobs in hurry in Michigan and America are in small business, manufacturing, clean energy and infrastructure. That is where the jobs are,” Clinton stated.
The former President reminded the audience of Snyder choosing China over Michigan twice for creating employment opportunities, within the state. 
“He had two opportunities in his business life, with the last couple of years, to move jobs back to Michigan. He had to choose Michigan or China; twice he choose China,” Clinton stated.
Along with President Clinton calling for Michigan’s voters to support Virg Bernero, both state Senator’s Debbie Stabenow (D) and Carl Levin (D) City of Detroit Council President Pro-Tem Gary Brown, Wayne County Executive Robert Facino and NAACP Detroit Branch President Rev. Wendell Anthony, encouraged the audience the Lansing Mayor, into the states’ highest office.

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