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Friday, October 29, 2010

Michigan Voters on the Verge to Hand State Government to Tea Party/GOP

Woodlands Tea Party on 2nov09Image by bsryan via Flickr
Michigan Voters assumability bothered by high
unemployment and foreclosures rates; are on
the verge of electing GOP/Tea Party
Candidates to state-wide offices, if polls
are correct
Michigan voters might provide a bitter pill bell-weather to election races across the country, as a host of Republican and/or "Tea Party" backed candidates are poised to take over all legislative state based offices and lock a majority its' highest judicial branch.

Disclaimer-Please review our 10/28/2010 blog post, outlining Keith Obermann's Special Comment- "If the Tea Party Wins-We all Lose-Why You Must Vote".

According to a poll conducted October 20-26 of likely voters by WXYZ Detroit/Detroit Free Press, if the election was held today, the GOP will take over Michigan’s Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Governor Offices. In addition, Republicans would hold majorities in the Michigan’s State House and Supreme Court.

In the Gubernatorial race Republican Candidate, venture capitalist and Former Gateway C.E.O. Rick Snyder leads Lansing Mayor Democratic Candidate Virg Bernero, by a 55 to 37 percent, double digit lead.

Michigan Attorney General Candidate Republican Bill Schuette is beating Genesee County Democratic challenger Prosecutor David Leyton 47 to 37 percent. Schuette, a former judge on the Michigan Court of Appeals, is garnering 84 percent of the GOP vote compared to Leyton’s 81 percent of the Democratic vote.

In the contest for the Secretary of State office, Republican Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson is leading by a narrower margin to Wayne State University Law Professor Jocelyn Benson by 8 points, 44 to 36 percent. 

Notably, name recognition for both Johnson and Benson is still low at this time and, give the Democrats the best chance to hold on to a legislative branch seat, with four days until the November 2 election.

Another poll conducted by Epic-MRA of Lansing, is based on 400 telephone interviews conducted October 17-18, found that 19 percent of likely voters were still undecided who to vote into the Secretary of State Office. With another 5 percent of likely voters leaning towards Benson and 7 percent leading towards Johnson, the race might still be, close to call.

One of the hardest fought battles is the race to decide who will sit on the Michigan Supreme Court. Currently, the Democrats hold a 4 to 3 majority on the states’ Executive branch.

Attack ads on both sides have been dominating the local airwaves to gain control of the court. Currently, Wayne County Circuit Judge Mary Beth Kelly leads all candidates with 24 percent; followed by Incumbent Justice Bob Young with 20 percent of the likely vote.

Rounding out the remaining candidates, Incumbent Justice Alton Davis leads with 10 percent, Oakland County Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris has 7 percent and candidate Rob Roddis gains 2 percent of the vote.

Only two seats are open on the Michigan’s Supreme Court, this election cycle. Even though Michigan’s voters will mark ballots on the “non-partisan” side for the judicial branch, both Young and Kelly lean to the right, on a majority of issues.

News in the Michigan’s House and Senate chambers does not get any better news for Democrats, this election cycle. The state Senate is currently held by Republicans. In contrast, the Michigan House was taken over by the Democrats, during the election of President Obama in 2008.

Democrats current hold a 64-42 advantage with four seats currently unfilled.

The Epic-MRA poll reveal that voters, impatient with the nation's slow economic recovery and concerned about deficit spending, are leaning more to the right in 2010. A shocking 37 percent of likely voters in Michigan, either strongly or somewhat supporting the Tea Party movement.

"In the last couple of weeks, I'm thinking (Republicans) have a 50-50 chance of taking control of the House," said Inside Michigan Politics editor Bill Ballenger told the Detroit Free Press. "But they would have to pick up 14 seats, and that's huge."
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