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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Michigan Manfacturing Company Pledge to Add Jobs if "Hire Michigan First" is Enacted

SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 22:  A job seeker wait...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeL'Anse Manufacturing is an international provider of precise machinery for the military, the aviation industry, and medical companies, has made a pledge to add employment opportunities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (U.P.) if Hire Michigan First is enacted. 

If the bill is passed by the states' Senate, it would help the U.P. based company expand; adding much need employment opportunities to Baraga County, which is struggling with an unemployment rate over 20 percent.
Hire Michigan First was first proposed by Michigan House Democrats and was passed by the chamber in March 2009. The legislation would provide L'Anse Manufacturing and other companies in the state with the following:
  • Rewards companies that hire the most Michigan residents in the pursuit of state tax breaks and other economic development incentives. This rule would apply to projects handled by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and certain state-funded programs, including the Michigan Economic Growth Authority and the Renaissance Zone Act.
  • Encourages transparency and accountability by requiring companies that accept incentives to report on who they hire to ensure that Michigan residents are put first.
  • Cracks down on companies that hire undocumented workers by creating penalties that include requiring them to pay back their tax incentives and barring them from future state contracts.
"The expense of bringing on new workers, and training them is enormous, and small businesses are stuck with this, and people don't understand it," says Mark Maticosse, co-owner of L'Anse Manufacturing told Upper Michigan Source.  "We need assistance in hiring people, getting them trained so that they can be productive. Part of the reason why we're successful has to do with productivity."
State legislators agree that the need for this type of bill is great; as Michiganders are slugging to find employment, with the states' double digit 13.1 percent unemployment rate, the second highest in the Michigan.
"'Hire Michigan First' will help fight the rising unemployment rate in Michigan by putting our workers first," State Representative Mike Huckleberry (D-Greenville) said. "We have to use every tool we have at our disposal to support our working families during these tough economic times. This legislation helps ensure that our scarce state resources are used properly – to create jobs for our own workers."
Democratic State Senate candidate for Michigan's 38th district Mike Lahti believes it is important promote incentives, like in the bill, to instill hiring for the Upper Peninsula area and the entire state.
"This is a case where we have to do what we can as a state to encourage employment, and encourage incentives for people to hire people in Baraga County and the rest of the state," Lahti stated.
The bill currently sits in the states' Senate body, awaiting an up or down vote. Efforts continue to approve Hire Michigan First legislation and the bill has languished for some time, but supporters say they aren’t giving up.
An online petition has been developed, as an effort to encourage the Michigan Senators to act on the bill
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