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Thursday, October 28, 2010

If the Tea Party Wins, We All Lose-Why You Must Vote-Keith Olbermann Special Comment

Keith Olbermann 3Image by afagen via Flickr
Keith Obermann gives America the
Raw Reasons on why a choosing not
to vote on 11/2, is turning the clock
back to the past
If there is any reason to stay home on November 2, sit back and decide not to vote in the upcoming elections, it is time for a dose of the truth. 

Raw reasons if Tea Party backed candidates are elected to high office, should be of grave concern.  For the future of America would be extremely scary, a turn back to times before Generation Xers and below was born and literally if citizens sit home on Tuesday. Literally, this election is a fight to keep America free. 

Some will question, within this blog post why did we take it to the "free" statement. Well, if we turn the clock back to the 1960's, millions of America's were not free. For instance, Women did not have the free right to choose what could occur with their bodies.

African-Americans were not free to vote without imitation and threats. Issues we take for granted today like Medicare, Medicaid and programs to assist the poor to reach the ranks of the middle class, were not in existence. Pell Grants, used to assist the younger generation to attend secondary education, where just a dream.

Times like the past, is where America could be “this close” to falling back into. In these times, we had serious divisions in our country, in our states and practically all over our nation. The stop sign, bridge-divider and the enforcement of what is sane, just and right, is all within your vote.

On Tuesday, if you stay home and allow the mind to say that, “This election does not manner”, how will you feel if your employment is lost and; unemployment insurance which is a “safety net” to pay the bills until another job comes along, goes completely away.

Or if cancer is diagnosed within your family and, instead of being able to receive Medicaid to assist with the thousands upon thousands instead, the illness becomes worst to the point of facing death. Worst, there is no “safety net” insurance of last resort for you.

Now, to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann video, which clearly outlines why everyone should do all in their power to stop Tea Party backed candidates, from taking over this country. 

Please pass this blog post over to anyone, who possibly will choose to stay home next Tuesday!

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