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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Virg Bernero calls Rick Snyder a "Wimp" for refusing to debate for Michigan's governor's office

Michigan's Democratic candidate for Governor Virg Bernero, went on the attack against his Republican opponent on Sunday in Ann Arbor, calling Rick Snyder a "wimp" for backing out of debates.
"You know, he's refused to debate," Bernero told a crowd of about 100 people gathered inside the Michigan Union. "Apparently not only is he a nerd, but a wimp.
Bernero was at the campus of the University of Michigan, addressing the College Democrats at the time.
Bernero's campaign announced on Friday that he had agreed to most of Snyder’s debate terms, and three debates would happen. But then Snyder backed out entirely.
Rick Snyder, the Republican candidate for Governor states that negotiations to debate his challenger stalled because Bernero released the debate terms to the media before they were agreed upon. “I said enough of this, and we made our final best offer, and it was turned down,” Snyder told the Detroit Free Press.
Bernero is now calling on local television stations across the state to set up debates and invite both candidates. Still Snyder has yet to express any interest.
While attending the campaign session on Sunday, Bernero spoke about about his strategy to help grow and diversify the state's economy in the coming years.
"We need green enterprise zones to reuse those old sites, those old facilities," he said to according to Ann "We need foreign investment zones. To encourage foreign investment dollars here instead of having just our jobs go overseas, to actually invite and encourage foreign investment in this country. We have some tools available that we haven't used, so we're going to do that."
Small businesses access to the capital they need to grow and add jobs to the state, is another challenge, Bernero said. Michigan unemployment rate stands within the double digits at 13.1 percent.
"There's a lot of people that have great ideas right now, that have great businesses now that could expand, but they cannot get a loan because Wall Street has redlined Michigan," he said. "So I have a proposal for a state bank. One other state in the union has done it: North Dakota. It puts $30 million a year into state coffers in addition to the economic activity that it stimulates. So there are things we can do right now, and we must." 
September 9 poll from local station WDIV, has venture capitalist Rick Snyder holding a double digit lead over Lansing Mayor Virg Bererno, with Snyder holding 56.2 percent of the vote to Bernero's 35.9 percent. Only 7.5 percent of potential voters, according to the WDIV poll, are undecided.

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