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Friday, September 24, 2010

So-called "No Vote" threatens to hurt the 99ers movement, unemployed job seekers

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Some disturbing talk is developing among a small faction group of 99ers, which is encouraging some unemployed job seekers to not vote or take a "No Vote", in the upcoming November 2nd elections.

As discussed on the Blog Talk Radio show, "Reach Out Job Search" on Thursday, September 23, this is an dangerous action at best, which could have huge impact on unemployed job seekers across America, during their times of need.

The 99ers are a group of up to 5 million unemployed job seeking Americans, who have been without any type of supplemental income compensation insurance since April 2010. Depending on their individual state unemployment rate, the payments ranged between 73-99 weeks, thus the term "99er" was born.

Disappointed with the actions in Congress on Senator Debbie Stabenow's (D-MI) bill, S3706 "The Americans Want to Work Act", some of the 99ers are calling for a "No Vote" to take place, during the upcoming elections. Senator Stabenow's bill, if passed, would provide up to 20 weeks of unemployment insurance compensation and up to a $2000 tax credit, for business that hire the long termed unemployed, in states with a 7.5 percent or higher, unemployment rate.

Another bill by Representative Shelley Berkley (D-NV) called the "The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act"only targets 99ers in states where the states ‘unemployment rate is over 10 percent or higher. This bill does not have a job creation measure, like Senator Stabenow’s bill.

Noting such, Congresswoman Berkley admitted to Huffington Post that her first priority is preserving those at or under 99 weeks.

"For people that have not exhausted their 99 weeks, the latest extension of unemployment bennies will come due at the end of November. That to me is first and foremost," said Rep Berkley to the Huffington Post. "Then I would like to see another tier created, which is what my bill does."

If thousands of the 99ers stay home on November 2, the razor-thin margins that Democrats are holding upon, to keep the House of Representatives and Senate, in their majority, are in jeopardy.
A well-funded conservative based group, the Tea Party, plans to have their supporters out in force to elect both Republicans and other candidates that agree with their agenda. 

At least four "Tea Party" based candidates are attempting to position themselves among the conservative base, to have seats within the Senate, this year- Rand Paul (KY), Sharon Angle (NV), Christine O' Donnell (DE) and Joe Miller (AK). Of the four, Angle, Paul and Miller have went as far as to call for an end to unemployment benefits; with Miller on September 19 Fox News Sunday program, stating that unemployment benefits were in his opinion, unconstitutional and should be regulated in states only.

Minority House Leader John Boehner (R-OH) stood at a closed door press conference on September 23, touting what he called the "GOP Pledge for America", using the 1994 playbook from former Minority House Leader Newt Gingrich, "Contract for America". 

Twelve other House GOP lawmakers, thirteen in total including Congressman Boehner, addressed TV cameras and journalists from a wood-block platform in the middle of a lumber warehouse in this suburban city to detail how their blueprint would reduce the size of government, reported in The Hill

"We get it. And this is why, when we outline in here our Pledge to America, I can tell you we are very serious about implementing our pledge,” Boehner, the would-be Speaker, told dozens of journalists sitting in the stuffy warehouse, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling pallets of plywood, quoted in The Hill.

The 45 minute press conference was closed to the public.

Following the event, Boehner, in business-casual attire, ventured out of the gates, surrounded by reporters, to personally greet the two dozen or so onlookers stationed across the street, The Hill Stated. 

The crew of supporters waved American flags and carried signs that read, “Sterling, Va. Welcomes You.” Ironically, The Hill reported, 0ne of the gentlemen was clanking a teakettle in support of the GOP, and offered to give it to Boehner. 

“Keep up the good work! Can I keep this as a gift?” Boehner said before sliding into his black Suburban headed back to Washington, The Hill reported

This is the group that the small faction of 99ers, by taking the "No Vote" action, could hand power, in Washington, D.C. Congressional Chambers to the GOP on a Platinum paddler. Examining the GOP’s own statements in the "Pledge for America" document on their "Job Creation" plan, unemployment compensation insurance is the last idea of their mind.

“So first, we will offer a plan to get people working again. We will end the attack on free enterprise by repealing job-killing policies and taking steps to assure current businesses and future entrepreneurs that government will stifle their ability to compete in the global marketplace”.

An analysis of this statement, by itself, clearly shows that if the GOP Lead Minorities, within the House and Senate were voted into the majority; extending unemployment benefits for any of the 30 million jobless Americans in the United States, would not take place the foreseeable future within this group.

Looking at this, it is even more puzzling on why a faction group of 99ers, would believe that by a “No Vote” action, they would receive S3706the Berkley Bill or any other type of unemployment benefit extension, from the Republican Party.

Yet, on the Ed Schultz show on September 21, a 99er named Mignon Veasley Fields, threaten to boycott with a “No Vote” during the November 2 upcoming elections. A comment by a blogger named “Yurdelite51” on Huffington Post, stated what some members of the public, at large, are thinking about the small faction 99ers group, “No Vote” action.

(Fields) is…”threatening to boycott during the November 2 upcoming elections because she is a 99er and nothing has been done to help them.  Can you freaking believe these Democrats?  She says she will ask people to ask 5 others NOT to vote in November.  I cannot believe these people”, the writer stated.  
“I let her know in no uncertain terms that if Democrats lose in November because 99ers, liberals and progressives and any other kind of Democrat stay home and don't vote, I will NEVER support anything they want”, Yurdelite51 wrote on the Huffington Post.
The post received 16 Stumble Upon recommendations and many other comments in support, with the thread, for “Yurdelite51” statement.

As stated at the beginning of this article, this is a highly dangerous move for a small but vocal group, of 99ers to encourage. Ed Schultz’s on his MSNBC program and radio show has been one of the multi-media based resources that have been on the side of the 99ers cause. In addition, Host Schultz is a self-described “lefty” and with such, would be aligned with the House and Senate, remaining in Democratic controlled hands.

If any movement is to be enacted for the 99ers, supporting Senators like Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) – who introduced S3706, the Americans Want to Work Act, would be valuable to their cause. Senator Stabenow’s state of Michigan has the second highest unemployment rate in the country, at 13.1 percent.

No GOP House or Senate Congressional Representative, have sponsored one bill to date this year (or last year), calling for extending unemployment compensation insurance for up to 30 million Americans. The “No Vote” talk, among certain groups, after analyzing all the above information, seems foolish at best.

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