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Monday, September 27, 2010

No "Deal" with Senator Stabenow's office on S-3706; Rumors hold no water at this time.

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Stories surfaced over this weekend from small internet based resources, stating that a deal was reached with MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz, leaders of a No Vote (officially named “NOVO”) grassroots movement and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI); in which her bill, S3706-The Americans Want to Work Act,  legislation would be present on the Senate Floor, as soon as possible, as a result of this “deal”.

As of this September 27, we can officially confirm the following statements on the status on the S3706 bill. 

The question we asked all of Senator Stabenow's offices noted below, this morning, was the following:
Has S3706 “The Americans Want to Work Act” legislation, moved out of the Senatorial Committee Process and on to the Senate floor? Was any deal of any sort reached over the weekend to move S3706?

Ruth, Office Manager, of the Southeast Michigan Office in Detroit, Michigan, “We have not received any paperwork about S3706 moving or any "deals" being set for the bill to move.”

Mary-Staffer, West Michigan Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan -"I have not heard the bill has moved. At this point the bill is referred in to Committee".

Laurel-Staffer, Mid-Michigan Office in East Lansing, Michigan Office- "No!"

Staffer-Senator Stabenow in Washington D.C. office- The official statement as of today’s date from this office was, "The bill is still in the Senate finance committee. The Senator fully supports S3706".

For up to 250,000 Michigan based 99ers and up to 5 million nationwide, "rumors" such as these, can be very dangerous, as this group has been without any type of extended unemployment compensation, since March 2010.

The “Reach Out Job Search” blog, will follow up with Senator Stabenow’s state and Washington, D.C. offices, throughout the week, on status of S-3706. As of today’s date, the legislation is still being reviewed under the Senatorial Finance Committee process.
Update Monday, September 27, 1:30 PM

MSNBC personally and talk show host Ed Schultz, announced on his radio show, around 1:30 PM this afternoon, that he talked with Senator Debbie Stabenow on late Friday Evening about S-3706. 

He also suggested that he hinted in his conversation with Senator Stabenow, that the "NOVO" grassroots movement; who have vowed to vote against Democratic candidates across the United States, will do so, unless the S-3706 legislation, makes its' way to the floor, this week:
"If they take action on it, will it dismantle that type of thinking?  I had a lengthly conversation with Senator Stabenow on Friday” They are going to be taking this (S3706) to the floor this week. They are going to bring it to the floor."

Reach Out Job Search immediately contacted Senator Stabenow's offices in both Detroit, Michigan and Washington, D.C. to confirm host Ed Schultz's statement of the next actions on S-3706. The following statements, were received:

Staffer, Southeast Michigan Office in Detroit, Michigan
You cannot stop talk radio shows from talking about different things."

Staffer-Senator Stabenow in Washington D.C. office- The statement this afternoon after Schultz's announcement was similar to the statement received, this morning:
"The bill (S3706) is still sitting within the Senatorial Finance Committee. Senator Stabenow is working hard to see this bill presented on the Senate floor. You can free free to call back and check the status on the bill, anytime."

Reach Out Job Search will be calling Senator Stabenow's office back, all week, to learn about any next steps actions on "The Americans Want to Work Act" bill. At this point, the bill does indeed, still sits within the Senate Finance Committee, only.
Update September 27, 3:00 PM EST
Radio Talk Show and MSNBC Show Personality Ed Schultz, stated the following, directly before ending his "The Ed Schultz Show" this afternoon.
"I will have an announcement on the 99ers, on The Ed Show, this evening."
Schultz did not elaborate, what exactly he would be speaking about, regarding the 99ers, on his show at 6:00 PM EST, this evening. "Reach Out Job Search" blog will be listening, and will provide an update, if necessary, to the events which occurred throughout the day.

Update September 27, @ 7:02 PM EST
"Reach Out Job Search" blog writers' did not hear any announcement on "The Ed Show" for 99ers this evening, except the One Nation Working Together rally information, toward the very end of the show. If our reader heard anything, we might have missed, feel free to update us, in the comment section below. 
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