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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Manage the Career Maze-"Reach Out Job Search" show 9/9 @ 6 PM w/ Special Guest-Career - Detroit job search |

Manage the Career Maze-"Reach Out Job Search" show 9/9 @ 6 PM w/ Special Guest-Career - Detroit job search |

Looking for the right advice to manage the career search maze? With Michigan's unemployment rate in the double digits at 13.1 percent, Washtenaw County's rate at 10 percent and the National Unemployment rate at 9.6 percent; unemployed job seekers are experiencing difficult times finding new career opportunities.

Navigating the Unemployment and Job Search Maze, Can Be A Long Wait

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) bill proposal, S-3706, "The Americans Want to Work Act", have the hopes of many 99ers- those who are currently exhausted of supplemental unemployment insurance benefit payments after being on the program between 73-99 weeks. For this group of approximately 5 million plus and growing nationwide, S-3706 offers both 20 weeks of extended payments and an $2000 tax credit incentive, for businesses to hire the long term jobless.

The bill is stalled currently, awaiting for Congress members to return back to work on September 13. S-3706 next steps, require the bill to be debated in committee, prior to making its' way to the Senate or House of Representatives floors.

When asked “Americas Want to Work” bill on August 28 by the Detroit Job Search Examiner, she sponsored to extend up to 20 weeks of benefit payments to the 99ers, the Senator Stabenow stated, “It is going to be a fight.”

Being out of work for a extended period of time, job seekers can become discouraged in opportunities of finding long term employment. For the newly unemployed, finding the proper way present employment skills on a resume that might not required updating in years, can present a challenge.

Introduction to "Reach Out Job Search" radio show- Special Guest-Tiffany Chenshaw of Career

Tiffany Chenshaw CEO and Co-Founder of Career, will as a Special Guest appear on "Reach Out Job Search" Thursday, September 9, internet radio show at 6PM. Ms. Chenshaw dozen years as a recruiting professional “in the trenches” experience with candidates, will offer listeners of the program a fresh approach to career management.


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