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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

99ers, Start Your Faxes 9/22 @ 9am, for Senator Stabenow's S3706 "Americans Want to Work Act" Bill

As announced on MSNBC Ed Schultz show onSeptember 21, the grassroots Americans 99ers Union, is calling for unemployed job seekers across America to take part in a fax/call in campaign, to pass Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) S-3706-"The Americans Want to Work Act", legislation
S-3706 would provide, if passed by both Houses of Congress, up to 20 additional weeks of unemployment compensation benefits for jobless Americans (99ers) who have exhausted the current available Tiers 1-4. In addition, the "Americans Want to Work Act" would provide up to a $2000 tax credit, as an incentive, for employers to hire the long-term unemployed receiving Tier 5 benefits payments.
The bill first was proposed by Senator Stabenow, prior to the Congressional recess period on August 4, 2010. Next actions on S-3706 have stalled, with the bill being held in a Senatorial Congressional Committee.
A Detroit Job Search Examiner article fromSeptember 21, noted that only 4 percent of the bills which sit in a committee process, make it to the calendar of the House or Senate for debate on the floor.
If S-3706 does not make its' way out of committee, the legislation would probably not be enacted. The fate of up to 5 million 99ers or Exhaustees depend on the "Americas Want to Work Act" receiving the opportunity for an up or down vote on the Senate and next, House floors. 
Another 25 million jobless Americans are receiving supplemental unemployment insurance payments. President Obama signed H.R.-4213, The Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010 on July 22, after two months of successful filibusters by Senate Republicans. This bill is set to expire within ten weeks, on November 30, unless Congress approves an additional extension.

Who are the American 99ers Union?
The following information is from the 99ers Union Web Page:
We are a coalition of individuals and groups (see list below) who are advocates for the 99ers - those who have exhausted all unemployment insurance without having yet found a job.
Our purpose is to put all differences aside, to join together in endorsing this one focused action (with perhaps more to come) so that we can have more of an impact on the Senate. In this case, our sole purpose is to get all of our members and readers to join us in a faxing/emailing/calling campaign on Sept. 22nd, in order to get The Americans Want to Work Act (S.3706) passed into law as soon as possible, in order to save Americans from homelessness and despair.
On Wednesday September 22nd we want every one who reads this message to Take Action between the hours of 9am and 9pm in order to show our power and numbers, to call for the immediate passing of Senate Bill 3706.
This coalition consists of (in alphabetical order):
What are the American 99ers Union Requesting for Michigan’s Unemployed Job Seekers to Do?
Michigan’s unemployed job seekers are encouraged to take part in a call for action on Wednesday, September 22. The 99ers Union is asking for participants to fax a pre-drafted letter to their individual state Congressional Representatives.
The American 99ers Union Web Page has information on fax and phone numbers to each of the 50 elected Democrat and Republican Senators, along with the context of an forwarding letter, to the Representatives.
Detroit Job Search Examiner calls for Michigan's Unemployed Job Seekers to Support Senator Stabenow's Bill
“It going to be a tough fight”, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) stated to Detroit Job Search Examiner-Monica Ross-Williams on August 28; when speaking on the chances on S-3706 being passed within the Senate. Michigan’s unemployment rate has sat within the double digits for over two years and stands at 13.1 percent for September 2010.
Noting the Senator’s statement, Reach Out Job Search encourages all of Michigan unemployed job seekers to take part in the 99ers Union Call and Fax campaign on September 22. More information about the campaign can be obtained on the American 99ers Union Web Page.
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