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Friday, August 27, 2010

Total Complete FAIL Mental Meltdowns of a internet radio host

Total Complete FAIL Mental Meltdowns of a internet radio host

Mental Meltdowns causes unhappiness in othersOn Tuesday, August 24, 2010, we called into a "segment" of the "Tazz Daddy Radio Show"-a fellow host on Blog Talk Radio, to talk about the Rebuild America, Jobs, Justice and Peace March on 8/28 in Detroit, Michigan. We want to use our blog to clear up any misconceptions about "Reach Out Job Search" experience when calling into this program, on the above noted day.

First, prior to this point, we considered this radio show an associate of "Reach Out Job Search" radio and even featured the show in the "Friends" section. Also, we have called into the show on a NUMBER of occasions, on variety of different topics and subject manners. Never again, as we have learned to stay out of this insanity.

Each of these previous listens/incidents, Monica-the host of "Reach Out Job Search" was treated fairly and respectfully. All this changed on Tuesday night. We will explain below.

PRIOR to calling in on the Tuesday show, Monica chatted with "Tazz" and the co-host of his show in the  chat room, on the subject manner she was calling in about. As listeners of Reach Out Job Search know, our show has been heavily promoting the Rebuild America-Jobs, Justice and Peace Rally sponsored by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union for the past week, for Unemployed Job seekers and 99ers. We informed both of these individuals of this was the subject manner that host Monica would be calling in about.

In addition, prior to going on "Live" onto the show, host-Monica again tried to inform the call in screener of the subject manner she was to speak on. "Reach Out Job Search" host-Monica went as far to say, "Let me tell you again, the reason why I am calling into the show." Instead of listening to the upcoming subject manner, the screener immediately placed Monica into the queue.

At this point Monica, had every right to believe that by the chat conversation and the immediate queue placement, host-"Tazz Daddy" should have been informed on the subject manner, she would be speaking upon. The events that happened next, was disrespectful, uncalled for and frankly extremely unprofessional of host and the show.

After speaking about the Rebuild America-Jobs, Justice and Peace Rally and why host-Monica called into the show (which was to ask listeners of the program to help Tweet about the rally), "Tazz" went into what can only be described as an dishonorable tie raid on African-American civil rights leaders, Unemployed Job Seekers across America, the Rally itself and Monica. Here are some quotes from "Tazz":

"So called appointed black leaders."
"How dare you call into my show about this "s**t."
"That is why they (unemployed job seekers) are unemployed because they have no organization."
and more.................

Some points that host-Monica tried to get across to "Tazz" during his what would best be described as "mental meltdown" is that she was calling into the show representing herself and unemployed job seekers (99ers) across the U.S. and Michigan. She was NOT speaking on behalf on the Rainbow PUSH coalition. Also, that the call was to inform listeners of the show about the rally and to ask with assistance with any Tweeter messages that listeners might would like to Tweet about the rally.

In addition, host-Monica made perfectly clear during the "mental meltdown" by host "Tazz" that she did indeed try to again inform his radio screener why she was calling into the show.

None of these actions, stop the tie raid by that shows "host". Instead of responding on this show in a similar disrespectful manner, host-Monica took the high road and quickly tried to END this call. Host "Tazz" continued on his quest to disrespect Monica, the rally, civil right leaders, women in general and a host of other issues; too many to name in this blog posting.

An e-mail sent to the "Tazz Daddy Show" apologizing for calling into the "Tazz Daddy Show" for as the "host" described as, during the show "disrupting his vibe", on Tuesday, August 24 was not responded to by the host or any of the staff of the show.

We want our listeners to be aware of this incident and feel they have every right to know exactly what transpired, on this date...which is the reason for our blog post.

In addition, we will end by writing that a LARGE majority of the host on Blog Talk Radio, are professional and courteous to fellow hosts. The "Tazz Daddy Show" could have easily ended our call, quickly, if the subject manner we desired to speak on was, not inline with the show. Instead, they took this into an arena that was completely demeaning to many and insulting to others. We will urge our listeners to judge such actions, when deciding which programs to listen to here, on Blog Talk Radio.

Thank you and Goodnight.


Host of "Reach Out Job Search" on Blog Talk Radio-"Reach Out Job Search" is a beckon the causes for Unemployed Job Seekers Across our Great USA and employers who wish to assist with end the high unemployment rate, in the country!
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